Paul McCallum missing in Regina????

-C.P.- B.C. Lions kicker, Paul McCallum, did not return to his hotel Saturday evening initiating a cross province search for the wiley veteran. McCallum, a former Rider who missed the infamous 15 yard field goal at B.C. Place in a playoff game that would have sealed the win for the Riders, is apparently allergic to manure ever since that fateful missed attempt. Traces of gopher manure were found in McCallum's hotel room. Detectives assigned to the case believe this is a significant factor in the case. The Regina police have appealed the public for assistance in tracing the nervous kicker which has led to many phone calls claiming sightings of McCallum throughout the city and surrounding farm fields as far as Wilcox, Saskatchewan. Should McCallum not be found, rumour has it that Lions longtime equipment manager Cato will assume kicking duties as he has had lots of practise apparently kicking rookies, and coaches in the butt over the years. :wink:

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