Paul McCallum is a Kicking Genius

Did anyone notice Paul McCallum kicking the short kickoffs in the game against the eskies. His kicks were done like that on purpose. On all of the kicks that they did this, the eskimo returns were minimal and also had the possiblility of a Fumble. The one kick they went long on had better field position for the eskies because there was more of a runback. Paul also went 3 for 3. He is roughly 70 percent for the year after a rough start. Good job bringing it up and Paul was the difference on this game for good reasons. Good Job Paul.

He Also did a good job punting out of bounds so no return could be made.

Yea and his driveway is paved with crap..

Ill take McCallum over Longhair any day of the week :slight_smile:

I would take any body else...than those two brothers...

Not a big fan of the blooped kick, almost did create a turnover
when Gass dropped it.

Its almost like conceding them decent field position. Sure you prevent
a huge return, but is it really worth it?

If that really is the plan then there are two things Danny Barrett is telling his team. 1) no faith in his special teams 2) you will automatically give up field position.

What your kicker can not kick it high and deep so the coverage team can get inthere. I would sooner have the coverage team get in there take a no yards penalty then do this tactic!

Both are stupid in my opinion.

The way Tompkins was running and the Riders coverage team is playing wasnt all that bad of a play. It just shows the Riders coverage team is weak and they still have not addressed the problem.....oh well baby steps :slight_smile:

redwhite2005 there is no such thing as no yards on Kickoffs. just thought i would let you know that.
And I doubt it was paul who made the decision to kick it like this. Yes it worked because we won. but I would rather they just kicked it off.

You are correct on that one I forgot! The fact is though I would put faith in the special teams to get down there and make the tackle! Then give good field position.

Keep planting them Billy

Paul McCallum is a Kicking Genius
That's not what Riders fans were saying when they dumped crap on his lawn.

You know McCallum was just doing what the coaches told him to do, right?

I'm sure McCallum doesn't really care where he kicks the ball to.

People from other teams bring up that crap on the lawn issue easily, but seem to forget mentioning his living room that was flooded with flowers from all the support we gave him. McCallum is one of the best kickers in the league. Majority love him here in Sask, and whether you hate him or love him you can't deny that.

We Won

Go riders

Ask BC after the grey cup

Thats not what the Rider fans were saying in the first few weeks of THIS season....

A "kicking" genius?? Is that why you guys sh*t on his lawn??

nope thats why we crapped on his neighbours lawn

In Edmonton they just put a port a pottie on Shawn Flemmings lawn!

AHHHH Rider fans
They either love or dump crap on your lawn