Paul McCallum damages goalposts at BC Place practise!!!!!!!!

:lol: Ex-Saskatchewan Roughrider Paul McCallum caused concern amongst Lions coaches,players and faithful fans when he damaged the goal-posts at BC Place Stadium during practise after hitting the uprights time and time again during field goal attempts. BC Place personnel repaired the tilting post after several hits by McCallum. McCallum shrugged it off saying he was aiming at them for accuracy. Coach Wally Buono seemed annoyed and concerned as he stormed off the field after special teams practise at the end of the regular practise. :rockin:

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Football is a game of field position, and for that I would much rather have McCallum than Congi. Congi was a terrible punter this season, arguably the worst in the league.

do we really need this many different threads of turkey making fun of mccallum? or the lions?...can't u just add to your previous thread?

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Why doesn't everyone just ignore all his posts as they are utterly stupid, that way he'll just get bored . But yes merge all his posts ,please , the guys just starving for attention obviuosly.

I don't know about Turkey getting bored. He lives in Saskatchewan so he really has nothing better to do with his time.

How funny that Lions fans don't find him amusing.

If Paul can hit the goal posts that many times, then he the one I want on my team for sure.

He should try the same thing with punts :thup:

sounds like NO haha in BC :lol:

there be a lot of haha by the end of the game. I fact, riders and their fans will be hearing it in their nightmares all winter long,

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

just like the BC fans did when Casey Printers left :lol:

I dont get that one. I personally was glad when printers left, but what that has to do with this weekends game and haha???

i meant was... BC fans all winter long said hahahaha after Printers left, now your best QB is gone :lol: do u really think DICK or BUCK is goin 2 do it this weekend? :lol:i dont think so :lol:

You're right man. Dickenson and Pierce have been awful this year. They really had nothing to do with us finishing 13-5. I'd much rather have Kerry Joseph and Marcus Crandell.

well that was against other teams but it was just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: i remember a team who had a better record than yours :stuck_out_tongue: Edmonton 16 - 2 but your a better team than that right :lol:

Rider fans, you can't have it both ways. You bring up the 3-1 against the Lions this year, but you also say that you're an underdog. Which one is it?

Not this year, and this year is all that matters.

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I too am a Rider fan, but remember, it takes more tha QB's to win games. I am hoping for a very exciting game tomorrow.