Paul McCallum coming back to the Lions .

McCallum is supposed to be signing with the Lions, not surprised the way Leone has been missing extra points and field goals.

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As a coach for Leone?

I imagine he (McCallum) will kick field goals and extra points , Leone , I presume, will still do the punting.


Come to think about it, I wonder if Ozzie would consider coming back to help out the Ticats with place kicking...

And yet, Carter and Stafford can't play this year?

Interesting and could have some implications for sure from now on in.

LOL :lol: (but ya never know)

History - Paul McCallum is the last link to the Ottawa Rough Riders as a player in the CFL

McCallum lives in Vancouver. So this temporary remedy is a good fit in fixing BC's only weakness on special teams. Generally, CFL teams prefer one kicker for both field goals and punting to save money. Buono don't seem to mind paying extra for a few playoff games.


How sad is it that Wally can't find a good kicker, because he stuck with MCCallum for so long........ Remember he had Sean Whyte ?