Paul Martin

Last night's Rider game was painful to watch. Then, when they brought the P.M. down to field level for an interview, I just rolled my eyes in disgust. At the end of the interview he was asked if he was cheering for a particular team. He said, in no uncertain terms, that the Alouettes have always been his favourite team, and was cheering for them. My son and I looked at each other. We both agreed that the guy deserves a lot of credit. I was expecting nothing short of the same ol' political drivel about not taking sides, or having no favourites. Yet this guy stood by his team, and I respect that. Good for him!

yea...i liked that too...i also liked his opinions on the cfl in general..something about it being important to canada....i hope he helps puts a stadium in halifax!

Sorry to bring this point up, but don't you think that he's trying to win favour with Quebec? He's not overly popular there right now, and coupled with his choice for our new Governor-General, selecting a Quebec team as his favoured would certainly serve to swing his public perception somewhat - at least it's an option to consider. Of course, he could just be sticking by his team. . .

Well I was expecting you to complain that he should of remained neutral and not voice his opinion.

Of course I was even more pleased that he roots for my team

it is possible but he is a Montrealer

I'm now wondering if the league or even the Renegades ever seemed to be going under would he be able to step in and save em?
Of course he might need to spend taxpayers' money but since I'm not a taxpayer yet I don't mind. But of course in a few years, THEN I might be mad.

he said he's been a montreal fan for 30, i would like to belive he wasnt there for political gain!

I completely understand that - I was playing antagonist. What I’ve been hearing on the news here in the last week, though, is how he’s trying to pansy-up to Quebec to boost his perception. Just thought I’d bring it up. If it makes any difference, although I was rooting for the Riders I pretty much figured they were going to be choking on Montreal dust all night. . .

wow. 7 posts in 3 minutes

The PM making his choice clear is positive. He is a Montrealer so why not.

We need to restore politics to the honourable profession it used to be rather than all the viciousness and personal attacks.

It is a sad thing to say but it is fast becoming an axiom of truth in politics that the only time a politician is telling the truth is when he calling another politician a liar.

i dont care if he spends tax payer money on saving cfl team....better than taxpayer dollars being spent on streetcleaning when unneeded, sprinklers going after a huge rainfall, or other things that waste taxpayer money!

Besides I dont think there would be any Separatist Quebecers who would say "What Paul Martin likes the Als? We're staying" :roll:

lol - good point there 13. I suppose perception is everything - I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - an Als fan he is!

Its great to see him at the games and to hear him be honest for a change.

PAUL , is a BIG CFL fan..............people might get mad if he had said.......................OTTAWA , is his fav team. [a joke]

When he visited SASK......last year he was wharing the SASK , GREY CUP jacket , at a press conference.

He is only one of our biggest pol. who goes to GREY CUPS and games........remember that he wanted to be in OTTAWA , and left a taped message for every one.

Now how many other PM 'S have gone to the games or have whorn GREY CUP , stuff?

BRAIN MAL...............never went [I don't think]...........he went on the FAN and picked , NFL games. JEAN , went once in awhile.

And so did................. P.E.T. , but he didn't like football.

Boy you people are making a big deal out of this.

  1. The guy is from Montreal.
  2. You'd be very naive to think this wasn't planned public relations. In fact, the budget the liberals are preparing for October is pure public relations.
  3. If all it takes for you to believe a politician is that he shows up to a sports game, our democracy really is going nowhere.

PET did a cemerional Kick off at a grey cup one year

Sound to me like you are not a liberal fan :roll:

band wagon jumper he is... :stuck_out_tongue:

I don"t give a damn what CFL team he cheers for or pretends to cheer for as long as the next PM is Stephen Harper.