Paul Martin Booed

I was at the game when Paul Martin was booed. Maybe he can gauge the mood of the crowd and realize that his time is over. If the liberals are elected it is time for the west to separate. We have had enough. Ontario never cared about us and we are tired of being dictated to from there. We dont need Ontario. Goodbye Quebec also. You are broke and nobody needs you anyway.
We got a good look at how the last government treated us and what they would do if they continued in office or if they form the next government.
Good bye East. Maybe the only thing Canada will have is the Grey Cup. A real West against the East this time.
Great Grey Cup Game though. Football at it's best.

Larry, Calgary



larry is smart. lol

No offense , but do you realize how SMALL MINDED, PROTECTIONIST, PROVINCIAL, and down right DUMB, YOU SOUND to a complete stranger like myself ?

Just as a point of fact, Rap/Hip Hop has been around for OVER 2 DECADES now ... get used to it BECAUSE IT AIN'T goin' ANYWHERE !

On this matter - you JUST DON'T GET IT ! so perhaps you should just break another can of Canadian over your head and pick yer banjo 'till your fingers bleed.


meanstreak is a good name
Sorry we didnt realise we have to like that garbage(hip hop) just because you do

.......streaky, that perfromance just plain sucked, it has nothing to do with the band or the genre or the history of the urban has everything to do with lame sound engineering, lame lighting and lame choreography........perhaps you should open your mind to other's thoughts on the subject (like 99% of us who say it blew chunks) and not stereotype people into cubicles that smack close to rasism.....

I agree!

Same here!

Hey Meanstreak
That wasnt any 'sound' or 'music' that we had to put up with yesterday. Just a pile of illiterates bouncing around, acting stupid in front of the cameras and making fools out of themselves.

PS. I spent two years in Nigeria. The people there were wonderful but they have no use for that no account crap either.
So can stick your dumb comments Meansteak. We dont want to hear them.
We are sick of that garbage. Never was real music, and never will be.
The music industry hasnt come out with anything in thirty five years.
They couldnt control hippy music so they put out commercialized stuff (read disco here) then they looked for something else cheap to produce and fop off on the kids. Rap and Mariah Carey. Absolute garbage.
If you call that music Meansteak then all you have proven on this site is that you have no brains at all.
Dont bother answering this either, nobody wants to hear your rantings.

The football game was excellent. The politics of having martin there and also the GG we never wanted, then the Politically Correct entertainment ruined it. Fortunately the fans know better. They enjoyed the game and used the half time to reload on beers and get rid of the beer they had been processing. That was the only good point of the half time show. If it had been a decent half time show people would have stayed to watch it.

Just another reason that HARPER , will not win , AGAIN . :wink:


Nice propaganda. :roll:

Are , B.C. , SASK. and MANITOBA , also going to join you , and which WESTERN city will be your capital? EDMONTON/CALGARY? :lol:

ALBERTA , is NOT all of the CANADIAN WEST , but sometimes some act, like it is.

ONTARIO is broke , how is that? :lol:

Once again some uneducated morons , spill lies and call others names , with out knowing a dam thing about , anything.

Lets blame ONTARIO , for all our own problems. :lol:

HARPER , is running for the PRIMINISTER OF CANADA , not ALBERTA. :roll:


Your narrow minded opinions do very little to help your cause that is in a very small minority.

AGAIN , the CONS lost , because ALL CANADIANS , in B.C. , SASK. , MANITOBA , ONTARIO , QUEBEC and the MARITINE provinces voted for another , PARTY..........TOO BAD!

They might not vote for THE CONS , AGAIN , because they ARE NOT the real CON. party but the ALLIENCE PARTY , with a stolen name.

In ONTARIO , we had enough of MIKE HARRIS ,who supported HARPER who was born in the TORONTO area.

You seemed to need the rest of CANADA 30 years ago , but some of you now sound like some people from QUEBEC , the , " we are so hard done by " by the , EVIL EAST. It is just laughible. :lol:

ALBERTA , is one of the most beautiful places in the world , you pay NO PST , but NO , they are so badly off......HOW???????????

HARPER , loses because of his stand on social issues , which MOST CANADIANS , disagree with. :wink:

Sorry , the only people that say the EAST doesn't care about the WEST are some WESTERNERS. :lol: I haven't read 1 person here writing that the WEST sucks , or that it doesn't care.

You are a bigot , it is just that simple. :roll:

"Vote for the CONS or we will cry to mommy " , sorry that is just black mail and very immature. :roll:

And who is , we ????????????????? Go ahead , start your own party , and see how many votes you get. :lol: :lol: :lol:


And like it or not , HIP HOP , has allot of YOUNG fans in CANADA. NICE , stereo types. :roll:

and LARRY , you probably just insulted half of the players in the CFL!!!!!!!!!

You think about that one. :roll:

I was at the game too and even though I am not a big Martin fan I was really shocked at the people who booed him. Politics aside, it is very disrespectful to boo any leader of any nation no matter what they have done, expecially on an occasion such as this, where we should be celebrating our unity and strengths and not our stupidity and ignorance. If we show our disrespect on national television, what does this say about us as a nation??

And I 'll have to say that the BEP were not that bad. I know that they might not appeal to most of the football crowd, but the point I guess was to attract more young people to the game. One of the reasons I didn't sell my ticket after the Lions lost was that they were playing. I would have loved more it if it was Michael Bubble or Bryan Adams, but well, I still enjoyed the band and they were very entertaining.

Go Lions next year :wink: :wink:

good for you! GREAT GAME and a great job done by the people of VANCOUVER for the GREY CUP FEST. :smiley:

We might be provincial, but Alberta is Our's and we are taking it away.
We dont care what the capital would be. I would be happy with Regina or Tisdale, Sask.
Paul Martin's office is just down the street. I can walk over there in a few minutes.

Next Hellothere is going to tell me how wonderful Trudeau was.

My daughers work on the scripts for the Trailer Park Boys.
Brian Adam's father has been over the my father's place.
My cousin was the news anchor on ITV in Edmonton.
My mother's cousin had a variety show on CBC for years. (Juliette).
So that makes me pretty national in scope.

I saw Clinton make a speech in Ukraine in 1995 and booed him too.

I also spent the last couple of years in Kuwait and watched the Americans go right past our offices on the way to Iraq. You should see the long faces. They know that each day one of them gets it. Bush made a mistake going in there. I have also been working in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Malaysia and Kuwait. I am off to Libya in a couple of weeks.

What have you seen and done to learn about the real world. The real world is not Martin and the liberals.

We are way off topic here. It was a fabulous football game. I like the big field, and all of the men in motion. Much more exciting. I didnt see any rappers or hip hop types in the crowd. If you want to see rap go to a concert. You can do that junk in the basement if you want.

If I want to watch NFL and a bunch of rap and screaming I can change the channel and watch an American station. Rap, Hip Hop, gangsta, jerry springer, dog the bounty hunter. Real intellectual stuff.


Actually people in Saskatchewan voted conservative too. Saskatchewan had 13 conservative seats to 1 liberal. B.C. had nearly 3 times as many conservative sets as compared to the liberals and Manitoba was 50% conservative (with the liberals and NDP sharing the other seats). And the popular vote in all 4 western provinces was in favour of the conservative party.

When you are going to start spouting off again get your facts straight.

...SEEMS TO ME...and I know I'm going to grate on a lot of Albertans nerves with this one.....when are people in this country going to wake up to the fact that the Liberals in politics are a parallel to the Eskimos in football that they are always considered the perennial favourite... have great cash flow.....have great behind the scenes management (HUEY for one)....have always got the 'guns' to win or make it close...always seem to find a way to win.......and here it comes ...the Liberals seem to be the media darlings...have already been picked as another minority govt. in the polls even though the election has just been called.......has anyone heard if Esks. have been picked to win 06 Cup...I wouldn't be a bit surprised... :roll: :lol:

........hellothere, you are afraid to reply to my post in the other paul martin thread, aren't you?.......until you do, you should just be quiet about your politics..........

You didn’t have to tell us you were from Cowtown, Leroy…er, Larry. Some things go without saying. And tell us, who was it that said “let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark”?

No Papa, but I'll start. Esks in '06! 8)

WE're this. WE're that. You sure like to speak for others, don't you Jethro? The guy's got his right to express himself too, ya know? Stick to football...

right and no one voted for the NDP or the BLOQ......? :lol: