Paul Martin booed, click and see.

I want to boo every one that reads my post. Boo you bum, your not here to talk football your here to talk elections, corruption, libs, democrats, cons. The only person i will vote for is Rene Levesque.

Don't come on this board to talk politics.

As an American are you not in favor of free speach?
The threads as well identified and you dont have to read the one that dont interest you

he, like most Americans, is a conservative, the Westerners should take more note of the people south of them.

but he is my friend, though I'm a liberal and a Menshevik.

I' am in favor of free speech, but against it when i read a post on Ricky Ray become political. The post you are discussing is about Paul Martin getting booed, not what the libs, and cons bring to the table. That's what that post became.

Like i said in another post the cfl should creat a section for people to talk about stuff irrelavent to football.

God Bless you Kanga lets start a revolution in Alaska.

I must admit that one did get out of hand but as for a different section----
what is the difference as long as the topic is labeled.
A seperet section would not prevent posting like ricky ray

I agree and in 12 years these arguments with east and west have solved nothing time to remove the politics

no worries peter, it's in the bag!

where do you live in the states peter? I'd like to meet you some day! :wink:

BTW, you should double check Menshevik, cuz I just confused that I was a lite communist.

Same theory, half the gilt

That's what I'am saying i think this message board is great for discussing many aspects of the CFL. I think it would draw more people if they add another section for everything other than CFL talk. I myself have questions of things outside of football that i would like to asks about different Canadien cities, or about politics. Especially after a great grey cup. Think it takes away from the CFL teams, because with a game that good people will want to check the website, and by having many posts on politics it doesn't look good. It was so good that NESN(a cable channel) replayed the game. That's is a first for the U.S. replaying the game. It probably means it got great ratings down here. I know with the up coming election thats the most important thing on Canadiens minds right now which is good. I wish the people in my country could do the same when elections come around.

Anyway yeah my post was to piss people off, and it did, but i don't want to take anything away from the players. I think they should take center stage right now after a great season.

Kanga I'am from Lowell, MA just 30 minutes north of Boston.