Paul LaPolice

You suck at finishing a game. Why do we stop doing what’s working when we get a comfortable lead?

You put 36 points on the board, on the road, and you’re complaining about LaPolice?

Point the finger at your defense, man, if you’re going to fault anyone.

Ya 36…with 33 in the 1st half…3 in the 2nd half. He has routinely shown he can’t adjust when the opposition adjusts.

The D? that’s self explanatory.

Easy to blame the D but they were gassed in the second half as the offense suddenly became inept. Not to say some of the blame doesn’t rest with the D.

Way I see it is the Als defence was getting gutted on the ground in the first half, so they loaded up the box and flattened out the line, so to speak, to stifle the run game and especially to prevent the runs to the outside that was killing them. They forced Streveler to try become a passing QB and he just wasn’t good enough. That pick near the end of the half that led to a TD was the start of a disaster. And I don’t think that the Als defence necessarily made exceptional plays, but they made the right adjustments at the half IMO and were really effective.

So is it Lapo being too conservative or not enough faith in Streveler to be a passer and the offense becoming nearly one dimensional with him at the helm? Either way, defences across the CFL now have a template on how to shut down the Bomber run attack.

whats the template? Give us a 3 score lead and let LaPo go to sleep?

Really interesting and insightful take, thanks for sharing.

The template to stop the bombers? Stack the middle of the field and cut off the edges. You cut off the big run plays you clip the Bomber’s offense.

I think by now every team knows this already, especially with Strev running things.

It’s one thing to plan, another to exucute.

This was us beating us more than anything they did.

This is, of course, where Nichols is missed sorely. He’d be able to make teams pay for loading up the box. Streveler, as talented as he is, can’t do that right now.

Thanks to your stupid #5 who taunt the Als’ bench two times. He’s stupid.

No - you’re stupid.

LOL, if only that were true. ;D

TBH, I still don’t know how Vernon Adams was even allowed to finish the game. Seems like that calls for an ejection when he tried to hit Bighill with his own helmet. But that’s not an excuse. Quite a few failures and it’s the second time this season with a collapse after halftime. I think a lot of this one falls onto the coaching staff.

Adams says he took Bighill’s helmet off by accident, but he also apologized to Bighill in the postgame interview. Said he lost his composure. Regardless, we did get lucky with him not getting ejected. He’s got to keep his cool in that situation.

Accident, LMAO! Did he accidently swing it at him too?

It was a punk move and he’ll likely be fined for it.

This is exactly right. How many times have we seen this ? We only win this way when the other team can’t score enough to overtake us…Is Strev hurt ? He looked hurt by that tackle and leg twist after he was down. He’s tough and a good enough actor to play thru.

What the hell was Jefferson doing ? He made Adams look like a hero. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I don’t blame Medlock at all. Why was he made to try for that 53 yarder when we were up comfortably and he could have made a coffin corner punt ? This was a big gaff on O’Shea. Everything seemed to change after Medlock missed… Also why is Lucky always trying to dodge and twist instead of taking yards given ?

All good points Dan. There were at least a dozen things you could point to and say if this happened, we win. It was more a monumental collapse by us than anything they did.

Honestly though, I’m not too worried. We’ve showed what we can do when we’re on. We’ve got 4 losses on the season, and should have won 3 of those. This is a top team even inspite of our flaws.

I think it’s the old “play not to lose” rather than “play to win” mindset. It happens to a lot of coaches in a number of different sports when you get the big league. Some of the times yesterdays result come to fruition as a result.

…The non-ejection of Adams was just plain bull#hit…He not only attacked Bighill with his helmet but that was definitely intent to injure…The refs. should be hauled up on the carpet and the eye in the sky better get an eye exam and a white cane…brutal officiating …This league, with all of it’s condemnation of using your helmet like a weapon…look like schmucks today …The outcome of that game would have been quite different if Adams was ejected…The refs. won that one for Mont.

…Quite agree on Lapo and his half game,game planning…If we don’t see a full effort out of that guy in the next few games, he needs to get a heads-up from O’Shea…The message should be…'you’re getting paid to coordinate for full games not half…and if it doesn’t change you’ll be looking for work elsewhere >:(