Paul Lapolice

...Rumour floating around that Lapolice and Bombers have come to terms....????? IF true I like it... :thup: You can't deny Paul knows offences and his return to the coaching ranks in the Peg would be a big step for 2016...

I don't share your optimism over LaPo. We had a lot of the same problems with his as HC as we do now - subpar first half scoring and inconsistent but mostly substandard play when forced to rely on backup QBs and he was the de facto OC despite Baressi having that title for part of his tenure. This is the easy hire IMO. If he is in fact hired, hope you're right and I'm wrong because if it doesn't work it probably sets the franchise back into another 4 years of futility going forward.

......Don't agree wolverine....Lapolice was handcuffed by poor coaches under him...Look at his record in Sask. as offensive co-ordinator...very successful....I don't believe we'll see the same offence as we now have a quarterback...big dif...And if we can sign Harris, that is right up Pauls alley...He loves to scheme around the run game. something we have not seen in the Peg for a very long time...I'm looking forward to it IF all falls into place..We have 2 good quarterbacks (if we re-sign Nichols) and that is something Lapolice never enjoyed in his tenure as coach...Some people said he ran a vanilla offence...The talent wasn't there at qb. to do anything else....We shall see. :roll:

I asume you're talking as Head coach and O'shea is getting the axe? If it's just as O.C. I would think he would wait out the Riders new hire for Head coach than assume the O.C. spot before that. JMO.

Apparently Gary Lawless has reported that it's a done deal that LaPo will take over as OC. If he's already hired, can't imagine that the Bombers really looked around very much at other options. He must have some inside info on the Riders job if he's willing to take himself out of any potential HC consideration there.

Like I said, hope you're right. At least in his tenure as HC we were able to surpass 400 points in a season which Bellefeuille couldn't do. We lost 4 games by less than 5 points, another 2 by 7 points. If we can convert half of those to wins with a bit more offensive production then we're a playoff team. If he is indeed the new OC we really need him to get back to the success he had in Regina. If he falters, O'Shea and Walters get canned and LaPo probably gets promoted to HC and we go through another "rebuild" or "retool" all over again.

I think this is premature.

....Because it's still only rumour...Lawless had us believing that Walters was headed off to Guelph..Hasn't happened yet... :roll: He does get things right more often than not though and maybe this all grist for the Cup rumourville....Gives something for our fans to talk about other than our early season exit..We shall see.. :roll:

I'm puzzled at the love Lapolice is getting here. If I remember correctly many here were trumpeting for his firing last go around. Is the sense that his break from coaching has made him stronger now?

....We have to separate Lapolice the offensive co-ordinator from Lapolice the head coach....When handling the oc job, he was pretty good.....head coach not so much...So having said that, I think his experience as a very good oc is what this team needs now...I'm pretty sure he'll be the Bombers oc IF he doesn't take a hc gig somewhere else...kind of obvious by the rumours... Whatever happens I hope we get this done soon.. :roll:

I have no faith in the Miller/Walters/O'Shea gang to build a contender.

,,,I am of that 'skeptical crowd' as well pigseye....If this team gets out of the gate next year, the way we closed 15' orrrr starts out like we did 2 years ago , falters and doesn't make post season...there is going to be a lot of hot manure hitting the fan in the Peg....I hate 'told you so's' BUT I'm willing to give this trio one more kick at the can, before they get theirs kicked, if they come up empty. :x

Do you mean he was good at the OC job here while he was HC or previously in Regina? His dink and dunk offense when he was here wasn’t that spectacular. However, it was more productive if not unspectacular.

…Yes I was referring to his time in Regina…he was oc in one of their Cup years…I believe it was the year of the 13th man that cost them a Cup…Don’t think Lapo was responsible for that ending and he did call a pretty good game to almost get the riders a win…Anyway…his hc/oc stint didn’t thrill me either but he was not totally responsible for the dismal performance that year…I think there were too many cooks spoiling the soup that year… and no qb…I look at his hiring here (if we go that route) as an experience hire…You may say that Marcel B. was one of those BUT the difference being Bellefueille was not successful anywhere…including being a head coach…So what would be your suggestion wolverine at present…I don’t see very many names that come to the top of my list, with experience, right now…Khari :roll: could be one but certainly doesn’t thrill me…What say you…There is one guy I wouldn’t mind taking chance on if we don’t go with Lapolice and that would be Jason Maas…That’s one guy that looks like he has a bright coaching future…Anyway, give me your take.

I don't have any answers, just questions like anyone else. If we get the LaPo of the Rider years I'll be OK with that. If we get the one that the players tuned out in the 2nd half of the Grey Cup game and started calling their own plays on offense then we're in trouble. Will the time away from coaching and on TSN benefit or hamper him? One day I'm thinking we should hire someone more experienced, but Marcel and Lapo the first time were supposed to be that. The next, I think we should instead be looking for the next young up and comer like Maas who can put together something more creative. If it's LaPo, then I'll be OK with that as long as they did a good search and he won the job. It'll be really disappointing if they just sit on their hands waiting for LaPo to lose out on the Rider HC job.

If we go with a CFL vet, maybe Chapdelaine shakes loose from the Riders if Chris Jones stays with the Esks and LaPo gets the job. Then again, if Tedford leaves back to the NCAA and Buono takes over as HC, wonder if he heads back there. Then all he would need to do is to get Benevides back and he's got the old gang back together, LOL. Pickings are kinda slim though in this area. Springing Maas out of Ottawa like Lawless has previously suggested seems like a longshot.

I would agree on Khari Jones. As much as I'd like to see a former Bomber in the ranks and possibly helping lead the team back to some prosperity, something doesn't sit right with him for me as OC, though I can't put my finger on it. I would rather go with Buck over Khari, I just liked the fire and the way Buck approached the game as a player and would like to see if he can turn that into an offense that can push the ball upfield. If they go young I'd also like to see them talk to Jarious Jackson. Lot of praise for his work with the Esks this year, he could be the next up and comer. If we keep Nichols, there's some familiarity there as well. And of course there's Marcus Brady.

''''Just hired as the Bombers oc for the next 2 years....Very experienced and a good hire...I hope we're getting the successful oc that left Sask. when they made it to the Cup...We shall see. :thup:

Pretty sure you will. As you mentioned earlier you can pretty much discount his time in Winnipeg when he was H.C. and the offence that was run then. I think in that year he was pretty overwhelmed with the duties of H.C. piled on to that of TRYING to be O.C. at the same time. Didn't he hire a kind of defacto O.C. that year, but said he would be calling the plays, or something like that? Pretty similar to Chamblain and the Rider D this year. We all saw where Chamblain ended also. Given sole O.C. duties I think he will be the steal of the coaching hires this off season.

People forget Lapo had to deal with Joe Mack who was a joke. When it came time to look for a QB in WPG. Mack didn't let Lapo come with him to the camp in the States . Told him he would pick the QB and you're not needed on this trip.

....Ah yes...Joe Mack the illustrious gm of failure...I never liked the idea of a gm not living in the city that he works for ..Looked like he was part time help some of the time...You can't have that situation...Popp is an exception but he is like a piece of their office furniture now and is a in trying to fix everything and coach..It's going to catch up.. But I digress.

Really? Mack did that?

...Apparently Mac did a lot more than we knew about...He overruled Walters in the draft, from what I hear and was instrumental in picking Jade Ettiene and we know how wonderful that worked out :oops: