Paul LaPolice

Montreal may have interest in Paul LaPolice as their new OC (as Marcus Brady heads to Toronto).

Would you want Paul LaPolice as your new OC in Montreal?

LaPolice reçoit son salaire d'entraîneur-chef de Winnipeg. Je le vois mal accepter une baisse de salaire pour venir jouer les deuxièmes violons à Montréal.

Where did you get this from ? I like Paul. I would not have a problem at all.

LaPo wouldn't be my first choice, but he wouldn't be my last, either. I'm fairly certain he can have success in Montreal if he is indeed in the mix to be our OC.

not my first choice nor my second. Would rather see someone new who may have some different wrinkles to add to the O and get away from the predictibility of the past couple of seasons.

Paul's very adept at using running backs both running and catching the ball. I think he would complement Trestman well

And let's be honest. No matter who the titular OC is, Trestman runs the offense. LaPolice would be an assistant and complementary coach rather than the OC in actuality.

Very true. . . and a possible reason why he wouldn't be terribly interested in the position. I expect we'll see a younger guy without a whole heck of a lot previous experience. So I will be surprised if we hire Doug Berry or Lapo or someone like that.

Lapolice is a good young coach who got shafted IMO in Winnipeg. He paid for the failure of BushCo, Mack and Hodgkinson IMO. I don't think he was ready to lay down the law and deal with the politics in Winnipeg. I'd take him in a heartbeat as a coordinator and I think by 45 he will have to making of a great HC if he goes along for the ride instead of focusing on advancing.

A lot of people banking on positions in Ottawa...

why would he want to be an "assistant" to Trestman? I can not see that happening and really do not want to see it happen.
I would rather see some new blood come in with new ideas that will compliment Trestman's and change up the predictible play calling.

The two major problems Paul had in Winnipeg is he could not get the passing game going and he got played by the people around him. Who better to learn from than Trestman. Reading his comments this week. I'm not sure he's willing to accept where he is as a coach and a leader yet. I'm sure whoever we pick will be a good gamble (they always are...)

Good point. I remember him doing a terrific job of scheming for Wes Cates in Saskatchewan a few years back, and Winnipeg's running backs were always successful. The more I think about this possibility, the more I like it. Trestman's the OC, people. Whoever has the tag is basically an offensive assistant. Paul might appreciate stepping back and learning from one of the best football minds in the game, in an organization that doesn't throw its coaches to the wolves. And it's not like there are tons of OC positions available. BC, SSK, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Toronto are pretty much set. Only Montreal and Edmonton have vacancies, and if you're an offensive mind, you're sure as heck going to prefer working with Montreal's offense to Edmonton's... :lol:

unless he would rather be the one calling the shots, then Edmonton would be the choice.

Conversely, if Marcus Crandell gets turfed from Edmonton, maybe Trestman considers him for our OC position.

good point.

That's not entirely correct, it was Lapo's own reluctance to turn the offence over to Crowton that got him canned, even after Mack made it very clear at the end of 2011 that Lapo needed to be accountable for it. Lapo could have saved his own job by simply hanging Crowton out to dry. For that reason, I don't think he can just be a 'yes man' in someone else's offence.

Absolutely no evidence to suggest that Trestman forces his offensive coordinators to be a yes men. Milanovich did very well for four years under Trestman, learning the craft and getting valuable insight on how to be a HC (indirectly by example) before taking over in Toronto. The OC in Montreal doesn't call the plays, but that doesn't make him disposable.

I was referring to Calvillo, not Trestman :wink:

Uh, what?