Paul LaPolice

Is LaPolice a better OC than Crandell?
Would Kavis even consider him?

No - Esks have one in houseā€¦Jamie Barresi.

You like Barresi better than Crandell or Lapo?
Not saying you shouldn't, just sparking conversation. :slight_smile:
Lapo fired Barresi didn't he?

From sources; Lapolice will be paid $230,000 for the rest of the season and next year as well. Not sure what Paul's next move will be, he's spending time with family/friends and thus will speak to the press when he is ready. However, Lapolice - Greg Marshall - Marcel Bellefeuille [all are still being paid] could very well be in Ottawa 2014 is my guess. True Lapo did fire Barresi, I was pointing out the Esks have one in house other than Crandell. Other than that, who knows.

Lots of good Offensive Co-ordinators available.

I was thinking the same thing.... Ottawa may have lots of Coaches to choose from!

Crandell should be fired immediately and replaced with LaPolice i think he would be a perfect fit here and if Kavis doesnt fire him then he should be fired as well .

^^ Let's not turn into the Bombers, please. :lol:

Wouldn't look good on Reed to relieve Crandell until end of season; if then...ect.
On that note; With Barresi on board - conflict with Lapolice if hired.....

Jyles looked almost adequate playing for Lapo in Winnipeg, at least better than he's been here.

What's in store for the off season; Coach Reed on the hot seat? Perhaps Eric Tillman's next head coach hire could be Marcel Bellefeuille.

I'm still not ready to give up on Reed. I think hiring a rookie HC and rookie OC wasn't the smartest move. And trading away our all-star QB the following season set the offence back even more. We need a new OC, one with experience. Someone mentioned we have Barresi on the staff. Winnipeg's offence wasn't the greatest under him, but then he was working with Jyles and Pierce. We could give him a try. Or we could go after another team's guy if there are any expiring contracts. But we can't keep Crandell. Calgary got lucky with Dickenson. Then after that we need to find another QB. Joseph should be released, and if we keep Jyles, he should be the backup.

Naturally, this is all for the offseason. With only 7 games left, there isn't much we can do to salvage the season. But if the Esks keep losing, I think we should throw in Nichols and see what he can do.

Fire Kavis Reed? Are you all insane???
Reed isnt the one to blame for this. Its Crandall and having two inept QB's that is the reason. Keep Tillman and Reed, and fire Crandall. Hire LaPolice as the OC if anything, but i dont want him as our HC. Or find some other OC, anything is better than Crandall at this point.

Tillman is responsible for the 2 inept QB's, why would you spare him?
And if you re-read the comments I don't think anyone remotely suggested Lapo as our head coach. 8)

I thought someone mentioned him as a replacement. I was speed reading cause i was busy haha. Anyways, regardless of the trade Tillman did, I wouldnt fire him. What is we get another Danny Maciocia ruining everything? At least Tillman gave us a defense and the salary to sign a good offensive linemen... (Rottier) now we just need 4 more good ones haha. This season is paving the way for Nichols to start, and I want to see that happen.

I think Tillman should be given a short leash.

And neither was Hamilton's offence when he was the offensive coordinator there.

UnleSH IT kinda sounding like the truth isn't it.