Paul Lapolice

Young HC Lapolice and Winnipeg is on the hook for the difference of his pay for the next season and a half. Would love to see him brought in to take over Special teams. We probably would get quite a rebate for a couple seasons and I think he would fit right in to work with Trestman. Would be good for him and for the Als.

You beat me to it!! I was just going to write about this. Before he got the HC job wasnt he the special teams coach in SK? He can come here, no pressure doesnt have to worry about anything besides special teams. Let's go Jim get it done! :rockin:

He was OC in Saskatchewan, not ST coordinator. Kavis Reed was in charge of ST in 2009 for the infamous 13th man incident.

He's been in the CFL long enough that he could do the job IMO. He's extremely good person and dedicated to his players, Trestman's #1 criteria. This would be a good fit and Andy can focus on all his other duties. Everybody wins...

Hey, I'd support the move too. You don't need prior experience in ST to do better than Bischoff. But it would mean a reduction in salary for Bischoff, and moreover, Trestman would have to admit that Andy isn't the man to lead special teams. To date, I haven't seen any evidence that Trestman has even faced the issue of Bischoff's competence as ST coordinator. He seems to be blaming everyone BUT Andy.

I know. Its the eight or is it nine kick returners fault...

He's got a frackin o-lineman on kick cover! Clueless..

Bomben is no ordinary offenisve linesman and it allows him to see the field and feel involve, he's always one of the first defenders down the field.

Paul LaPolice signed a 2 year extension with the Bombers in the 2011-2012 off-season; the Bombers are liable to him until the end of the 2014 season; the $ dollars should be no less than $570,000 and as much as $600,000. I don't see him coaching before 2014,at the earliest; Ottawa could then be a possibility.

This being said,are the Als that desperate on special teams? I don't think so and Andy Bischoff will not be replaced,at least not in 2012. They definitely don't need a Paul LaPolice. Better punter and KR,yes but not a new coach. I have full confidence in Marc Trestman judgment.


Bombers say he makes 230k a year and they are on the hook for next year only the last year being their option. So they owe him 345 000.00 but can claw back the difference of what he makes over that time elsewhere. So no matter what he does, he's going to make 345k over the next year and a half. So Signing him to a guarranteed contract loaded on the back end. Is an awesome deal for him and team willing to hire him.

" Bombers say" Reference? All sportwriters/journalistes,etc say that he signed a 2 year extension in the 2011-2012 off-season. Never heard of option year for a coach. Yes, for a player but not for a coach.

The Als don't need him and I don't want him; have never been impressed by him.


And how has he helped our cover unit? We're still as awful as we've been the past 2.5 years. And if he's one of the first defenders down the field, Bischoff has no idea how to evaluate ST personnel. A 300 lbs. O-lineman shouldn't be beating other cover personnel to the ball, that's not normal.

Also, if we do need a new punter (and I'm in full agreement here), why isn't McKnight dressing for games? How much more evidence do we need to confirm that Sean Whyte is not a pro-caliber punter? The shanks, the lack of hangtime, the inability to punt directionally ... he's just not up to the job. This should not be news to Trestman and Bischoff; if they can't see it by now, I definitely have reason to distrust their judgment on this issue.

I suspect he will end up in Edmonton or Saskatchewan anyway.

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

"Sources said Saturday LaPolice was earning about $230,000 a year and the Bombers will have to pay him out the rest of this year and all of next year. The third year on LaPolice's contract was an option and the Bombers will not have to pay that out.
There is also a clawback provision in LaPolice's contract that will allow the Bombers to reduce their payment to LaPolice if he takes another job in football this year or next year. Additionally, by simply giving the head-coaching duties to Burke and not hiring anyone new, the Bombers will not have to pay a new salary."

But I agree Richard, LaPolice certainly not the answer to our Special Teams issues. He is a nice guy, but at best a receivers or running backs coach.

Thank you


We definitely need a new and dedicated punter to help us win the field position game more often than once every never but the return game to me is a complete unknown because right now our blocking scheme is basically this:

We should bring in someone that has a good track record with special teams so on the actual topic of Lapolice does anyone here know how effective the bombers’ special teams were the last couple of years? If he did well there Id say bring him in

There is a strange resemblance between Homer and Andy :? His cartoon brother from another mother ?

So that would make Sean Whyte his son Bart? :stuck_out_tongue: ('why you little!!.......that's for not tackling on a TD return!)