Paul Lapolice TAKING CALLS on hustler and lawless tonight.

Just sayin heard last night that paul lapolice will be one the guests on tonights show... cjob 6pm.. for all you non wpg residents on here. Should be interesting, not sure what time he will be on but if u tune in early u will find out. maybe right away.. maybe 630. maybe 730.. show normally runs 6-8 but its moose season so we'll see. but he's on tonight taking calls.


I'm gonna call and ask him if he plans to run the 13 man offense !

It wasn't the offence. You gotta ask him if Reed is gonna bring the 13 man ST unit over from Regina.

…i believe Sean Lucas and Armstead are still employed by the riders…they can stay there :lol:

I don't understand why the need for "taking calls" to be capitalized. Everyone on Hustler & Lawless takes calls (after H&L started taking calls, that is).

what did he say?

.....said he will not be using any type of offence that the Bombers used in 09 ( :thup: )...He wants to use a lot of the successful rider offence of last year....and is very flexible with play calling..sounded pretty level headed ....what a refreshing change :thup:

Thank God. That's the same offense that Eric Wilson openly said was easy for the Alouettes to read and neutralize.

He wants to use a lot of the successful rider offence of last year....and is very flexible with play calling..sounded pretty level headed ....what a refreshing change :thup:
I like the way he game-plans for the run. He did a great job of coming up with an effective run package in the Grey Cup game.

Winnipeg's offense should be much stronger this season.

I hope he doesn't mind but I've copied a post from the Extra Point made by SweepTheLeg regarding what was discussed on Hustler & Lawless last night for those who, like me, missed it:

Further to LaPo on H & L last night, he said some interesting things: -He talked about the need to let young qb's play in order to let them develop -He mentioned Reid several times and how he was a special player. He thought the problem last year in our running game was teams loading the box b/c we were 1 dimensional -He said our D would be much more aggressive this year. He said we'd be rushing 4 or 5 guys much more often than we did last season to get our D linemen 1 on 1 matchups. -Sounded like he expected Ralph to start with Hargreaves & Arthur having a chance to fight for a starting spot -Arthur still hasn't fully recovered from his foot surgery, but he expects to be healthy for TC -Said his positional coaches will evaluate players for the draft -Downplayed any thoughts of trading for a qb, saying he likes the young guys we have -Said he's spoken to Lefors twice and said he told him he's excited to play in a "real" CFL offence -Said Lefors will definitely be in the running to start but it won't be handed to anybody -Said he would take calls on the coach's show

So he never managed to insult or enrage anybody?

Thanks for the recap of the interview. Did he comment on Jyles?
is his signing around the corner?

The FP is reporting that Jyles has been signed and an announcement will be made on Monday but the Bombers haven’t said anything.

Ah…thanks Blue Blood. Probably a good signing and it’ll be a fascinating TC.

It's a non-issue, they're handling it internally.

…you got the wrong fella…that was a quote from the professor of football :lol: …LaPolice will be more ‘external’ with his methods… :lol:

Oh, I know, papa ... I was just being silly. :slight_smile:

LaPolice has already said and done more to impress me in the past week than the professor did in an entire season.

Win or lose, at least the Bombers aren't going to be a sideshow circus this year...

he did. they kinda asked him a generic, what do u think of jyles question and he said that he has a strong arm, is a good runner, is a smart quarterback and said is a good depth player. Basically didnt say much but got the impression he wasnt handing him the starters job either, then again, he wasnt signed at that point.

i still feel Santos,Dimichele,Jyles,Lefors<--- may the best man win. And i think LAPO feels that way too.