Paul LaPolice Show & Spin Zone

For those who missed them here's a brief summary of some of the things talked about:

Paul LaPolice Show

Was asked about the running game since it wasn't used as much during the pre-season games. He responded that Fred Reid would have a lot touches - not just rushing the ball but also by utilizing him in the passing game as well.

He also indicated he's not going to announce his starter for the home opener until next week.

Talked about using 2 imports on the o-line and either playing two NI receivers or having two NIs on the d-line if they did that.

When asked about Renaud going down to make tackles and worrying about him getting injured again, he responded that when Renaud was making tackles it was because the coverage broke down. If they do a better job on coverage then Renaud won't have to go make plays. Bob Irving then asked about Serna going downfield after that missed FG and LaPolice said he had a talk with Serna and told him to just pick up his tee and he should be the last guy on the field making a tackle.

He also said he had talked to some of the rookie receivers about just running north-south. Don't try to outrun a guy and turn the corner because you're playing pro ball now and you can't outrun the defensive players like you did in college.

He also talked about the penalties. Wasn't too worried about the offsides. He said he wants the receivers to push the envelope when it comes to hitting the line.

I'm probably going to paraphrase this badly but he also said that rather than have all of the receivers learn every concept that each receiver would have maybe 4 or 5 different concepts tailored to what they do best and would run plays based on that.

He also talked about how he had told the players in a meeting about having to step up when circumstances dictate it like when a player is injured and someone has to pick up the slack. He gave a shout out to a couple of players in the meetings after the Hamilton game who did this. He singled out Bestard for doing a great job as long snapper after Cvetkovic was injured and also Cory Watson who took over the ST duties of Hargreaves after he was hurt. LaPolice pointed out that Watson ended up playing on all 4 ST units as well as taking his turns on offense on a hot day in Hamilton.

Spin Zone

Doug Brown was able to host the show this week because the meetings for tonight were cancelled. The coaches need more time to make decisions which bodes well for the team.

Doug made an interesting point about TC this year. He was saying that this was the first TC he's been at in Winnipeg where no one has quit. He talked about some of the different reasons guys quit and the differences between CFL and NFL training camps when it comes to salary and stuff. He's started talking about it at about 7:35 if you're listening to the audio vault. He also said that it was the topic of his column in the FP tomorrow.

He also said he thinks Donnie O has arrived. Talked about Donnie being bigger this year than he was last year and about how fast he is.

For those who are still worried about Kavis Reed as DC. Doug referred to him as one of the smartest coordinators he's ever worked with.

He also made some comments about last season there were players who were saying that there was a lot of talent on the team so was it the system that was the problem. Now this year they have to prove it was the system that didn't work last season and not the players. He said he was looking forward to the challenge.

Forgot a couple of other things from the Paul LaPolice Show...

They talked about the o-line as well. LaPolice was saying how they were trying guys at lots of different positions on the line to determine what position was the best for everyone. They're going to watch film and make the decision on who will play where now. I don't think we need to worry to much about the o-line right now since, in effect, there were a number of players who were playing out of position during the pre-season so they could be evaluated better. Once the o-line is set and they start practicing as a unit then they will be much better.

He also talked about there being a number of blown routes by the receivers when Pierce was in.

BTW, the show was held in studio tonight because of the gas leak near McPhillips Street Station.

Over all it was pretty good. I know people were commenting after last week that CJOB must be doing a better job of screening calls this season and that seems to still be the case. People would ask their question and then hang up so the coach could answer. No long diatribes before an inane question was asked like in previous years.

One other thing, Doug said Glenn January would be back co-hosting Spin Zone next week. He didn't comment about how long January will be out (he said he doesn't know and that even if he knew more about the injury he wouldn't say because players don't talk about other's injuries because of superstition).

lapolice has a good grasp on things here... solid attitude, whether his playbook works out i guess wel see, but its nice to have a polite coach that knows how to answer all types of questions. even if this team doesnt rocket out of the gate, i think he has earned respect and a little leeway for this team this season... i think most people will give him more time to bring this team together because of his good attitude and pr. which should help ease some pressure of the team, and make a better environment for everyone involved... hopefully one they will thrive in :rockin:

Thanks for this, Blue Blood...I ended up missing the last twenty minutes of the show, so I appreciate this. :thup:

Wow, what a difference it makes to have a rational, competent man running the show instead of a wingnut with delusions of grandeur.

I wish LaPo all the best in his new role ... except when his team plays my Als, of course. :cowboy:

Thanks for the recap, helps explain what was going on in Hamilton with the oline.

Lapo seems like a very organized coach, I like all the auditioning at different positions, that's what preseason is for after all.

Nice to see a coach handle things externally.
Not so hard to do a radio call in show. LOL !

Not so hard when the calls are actually screened and callers are not wingnuts. Last year the situation came to a head but it was years in the making.