Paul LaPolice needs to be fired

Short passes on 2nd and 18?
Screen pass on 2nd and 11?
Running Cates up the middle (repeatedly) when it hasnt worked all year? (except for 1 game against Calgary)

The O-Line is weak, and everyone in the country knows it. So it stands to reason that you play AROUND your weakness, not into it.

Durant and Jyles are doing their best, but they only try to execute what is called for them. Durant is 8-3 as a starter, so its obvious that he CAN execute. Jyles may have a 5 cent head, but he does have a million dollar arm.

The weakness is at O-Coordinator. The D struggles late in games because they are on the field for 40 minutes, and are out of gas. Why are they on the field? Because the Offensive play calling is, simply put, offensive.

I say it again

Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice
Fire LaPolice

i say half and half
His fault (Paul) and quarterbacks
We will never win with these guys, the sooner everyone realizes it, the less the disappointments will be

People who start "X should be fired" threads should have their accounts deleted.


I hope that wink at the bottom of your post means your not serious

I think we can run it up the gut with Cates, it just needs to be less telegraphed to the other team.

lapolice is death to offence. It was the same when he was with Winnipeg. they need to get something fresh.

No keep him! I like how he runs his offence. :smiley: From a Lions perspective that is.

You really shouldn't put your response within the quote. We don't know what hit-em-hard wrote and what you wrote.