Paul Lapolice fired

Can we bring him in as a consultant before we play OTT?

We can become a collective of disgruntled ex-HCs.


He could be an upgrade at OC
Oh wait we already brought in a fired HC/OC

You gotta feel sorry for the guy. Two-ish seasons under the incompetent GM Desjardins, and in Game 4 loses his starting QB.
He never really had the personnel in Ottawa. Some of that was his own fault (the QB carousel) but he was hampered by a bad front office.

That's two head coaches fired for poor performance. One of those teams is above Hamilton in the standings.

That's a .... generous ... interpretation of what happened in MTL :crazy_face:

LaPo looks to me like someone who got promoted beyond their level of competence. He's had a lot of success as a coordinator and assistant, but aside from 2011 (10W - 8L, 1st in East Div) his regular season record as a head coach is poor (12W - 42L) [total = 22W - 50L over 5 seasons, failed to make playoffs 4 out of 5, playoff record 1W - 1L]. (Source: Wikipedia Paul LaPolice)

I'm not so sure about LaPo being innocent in the personnel issues either. According to articles and forum threads at the time, LaPo was allowed a lot of say in player selection. I do have some doubts about Desjardins, especially his ability to manage his coaches, but that's a whole different thread!

Maybe Sean Burke lures Condell away from Hamilton to be HC of the RedBlacks next year?

I think LaPo would be a hell of an upgrade for y'all at OC, but as mentioned, you've gotta have the horses.

Burke gets to demonstrate whether his skill set extends beyond signing free agent players away from the Ticats.

He certainly doesn't get an A grade for his first season as GM but I doubt anyone would hang this year on him. Choosing a new head coach will be his biggest decision to-date.

You'd have to think he gets a pass for whatever happens in 2023 as well, unless they take yet another step back. Even modest improvement would be welcomed. But by 2024 he would wear the blame if the team is still really bad.

Burke just wanted to give Lapo a fair shake and he got one and failed miaerably once again with upgraded talent. (Lapo appears to be a nice guy; but not comptent as HC)
Burke even went as far as getting a comptent QB (Arbuckle) when Masolli got hurt.

It'll be interesting who they hire next; perhaps Buck Pierce; although IMHO it would be making the same mistake twice.
Kahari would be another choice; but if he couldn't do it in MTL with arguably a better roster; can't see him successful with RBs.
Is Marc Trestman still around?
I think Kent Austin is done; as I do believe him to be a good judge of talent.
Who are the other choices with HC experience. RBs can not take a chance with a coordinator.

From what we've seen, for both Condell and LaPolice it should be "you've gotta have the hogs". :smiley:

Agree Austin is done. Benevides is horrid with people so he'll just remain in CFL coach's spare pool to time immemorial. Lots of folks think Noelle Thorpe deserves a shot but my jury still out on him. Khari has already burned bridges in the early stages of his career - he might be better off re-habilitating himself as an OC.
Other blast from the past names = Trestman & Mike Kelly. From what I've heard (and experienced in WInnipeg) Kelly is a nutcase, Trestman just an old guy spitting up in his rocker. Same for Mike Riley (the coach not the retired BC QB).
There's one coaching weasel we haven't mentioned - Jeff Reinbold. He's worked his act in several CFL cities and NFL Europe. I think he's only 60-62 now so perhaps he wants another go. Question is? Will anyone give someone of questionable character another go?

Pierce, immo is first up in the coaching sweepstakes. Unless Mike O'Shea wins a 3rd straight CUP and doesn't have a fresh contract. Almost everyone except Edmonton & BC would take a shot hiring O'Shea.

Good analysis. Couple of details:
Rheinbold is 64. His record as a CFL head coach is a Lapolice- like 7W - 29L. A great coordinator, but again that didn't translate to head coaching success.
Trestman is 66. I wouldn't write him off yet!

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Please let that happen...

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Our old friend Shawn Burke may have just done the Hamilton Tiger-Cats a big favour.
Jettison Tommy Condell & Khari Jones at the end of the season, and let's bring in Paul LaPolice to overhaul the Offence. I would be very much in favour of this turn of events in the off-season.

Let's see how it all plays out . . .


We had the craziest, most imaginative offense in the CFL with LaPo calling the plays. Sooooo many trick plays. So many misdirections. The way he had Chris Streveler 'The Leveler' manage our Red Zone offense was pure genius. Mind you we also had some amazing talent for him to work with including Andrew Harris who'd either run, catch or occasionally option a pass back to a wide open Streveler. We were hard to stop inside the 20.

Buck Pierce toned things down a tad but we STILL do those LaPo patented 'Nick Dempski Fly Sweeps' that chew up big yards on the ground.

With all due respect, you guys didn't become a championship team until you signed Zach....that team was going no where with just Streveler as Qb. No matter how good the coach, can't do crap without good to great players.


All true.

Just giving our good old OC a decent job referral. :grinning:

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After his coaching performance in Ottawa, I would definitely not hire LaPolice in Hamilton.

There was a time when some QBs called their own plays and 400 to 500 yards a game passing was not uncommon, maybe the OCs have taken the improv out of the game and the yardage reflects this, whos playing the game anyway the OC ? ( rant over) as for new CFL H Cs , the NCAA will probably be the source although there are a few U Football coaches with strong programs that deserve a shot at the pro level IMHO


Whoever has played sports know there are coaches that you will go thru walls for ; they instill in you an added drive beyond your own .

We like to feel it's all inside ourselves but in reality someone needs to rally the troops when they take to the field .

Lapo who I thought was like that maybe too much an x and o guy and can't get more out of the talent he receives . The very good coaches will adapt to their teams pro and cons .

Just when I saw Lapo do that with a great balanced running attack he abandoned it knowing full well he did not have an accurate passer in Caleb Evans .

He never developed and when Arbuckle arrived he actually pointed out Caleb he needed to watch Arbuckle to learn how to run the offence game day .

Now maybe Lapo was caught off guard when he said it I dunno but he basically was telling everyone that Caleb was not a pro QB and he had no one on staff including himself to show him how to run a professional offence .

Now we can't expect the coach to be a Bill Walsh out there but everyone in TiCat land saw how June Jones changed your team overnight with the same team and getting speedy bee involved he inspired the team to be as a whole better even though his play calling was muddled with the 4 down game which caught up to him eventually .

Lapo is best suited to x and o's as an OC coordinator ; I was always impressed with his knowledge of the game and have someone else develop the team to work as a team .


As 150 Gage points out , you Bombers were crap without Zac….period.

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