Paul Lapolice Fired

I just heard on TSN pre game that Lapolice has been fired.
Wow, a surprise!

Here's the could say - Burke takes over.

it is surprising as the Bombers have played quite well the past few games.

Is Burke instated as an interim HC or permanent replacement?

I dont know if I agree with this decision. If anything thier GM should have been fired. There were several positions that were dismantled and simply left on this football team, including both the O and D lines.

There is more news to follow as GM Joe Mack will hold a news conference at 2:45 P.M. Winnipeg time. Link below..

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Well, he got his golden parachute (2 year contract extension) so don't feel bad for the guy.

Good for the Riders with 2 games coming up.

He gets them to a grey cup last year, start with 4 games on the road which is tough to win, and they should have beat BC in thier last game with LaPolice. I think they made a mistake doingmitmthis early in the year.

I dont know how good it is for the Riders. If history tells us anything, generally teams that fire their head coaches win the following game, then tank the rest of the season. Just look at last year's Riders when Marshall was fired. They beat Winnipeg back to back, then pretty well tanked the rest of the year.

I think Lapo got caught in the same way that Marshall did last year with the Riders...
HC stuck paying for the mistakes made by the GM

Is the 2 year extension guaranteed PIGSEYE?
for that matter, are all coaching contracts guaranteed regardless?

It is extremely rare to hear of similar player agreements..

In each of his years he has made serious mistakes managing the clock. These mistakes have cost us the game many times. Lastnight was another example, both before the half and at the end. That must have played a part in this.....

He is 6 - 14 in his last 20, not going to cut it . Also, the teams discipline is factor as well.

Coaches contracts are guaranteed.

Horible timing for Lapo. Bombers have 2 bye weeks comming up in the back to back with Sask. Now when they thump the Riders and get to 4-6 everyone is going to see Burke as the saviour, when actually Killer could probably coach them to romps in those games.

Which is exactly what happened last year with Saskatchewan. They fired Marshall before the back-to-back games against Winnipeg and crushed the Bombers in both games. Then they won two games the rest of the year and finished 5-13. Firing a coach mid-season pretty much means you're waving the white flag.

The problem in Winnipeg was not LaPolice's doing. When you have a starting QB that can't stay healthy, you're pretty much toast.

Add another candidate for the Ottawa job.

imo, this move has been in the making ever since they lured Burke away from the Als last season. Then, they tie the can to Lapo's foil Baressi and hire Mack's choice Crowton. After the hire, Lapo professes that he will still be calling the plays on offense, then has to retract that statement (wonder who pulled rank on that one). Then you have players going off like crazy on twitter and in the papers saying there are 'deep rooted' issues in the team.....and finally it comes out that the players had no fear/respect for Lapo.....gee, still think this is a shock?

So is Joe Mack

A better coordinator than HC, however he's not entirely to blame. The whole stadium fiasco making them start the first 4 games on the road gave them an uphill battle to begin the year. They've played much better the past 2 or 3 games, and not coincidentally they've been at home.

I agree. The timing of the firing smells big time. They wait till the team starts to look good and gets ready to play the worst team in the league... Smells big time. I think Mack felt the heat and offed Lapolice to buy himself some time.