Paul Lambert to return for another season

That's good news...Good solid guy with lots of experience.

Good news to have the complete offensive line back.
One of the things the Als will have to do is find a 6th OL, the role Fritz and Mudge had. They tried to convince Dominic Picard to take it for a year until Chiu retired, but he understandably declined.
Possibilities - Seagraves (but that messes the ratio), 2008 draft choice Andrew Woodruff (if not NFL calibre), and maybe Fritz himself if he can be convinced the Als are his best option even with a paycut.
One intriguing Free Agent under the radar is Matt Sheridan if healthy.

I think they may be looking at Jourdain for that spot.

Good stuff, the whole O-line back and ready to pick up where they left off last year.