Paul Jones joins Riders

Twitterverse is touting that Paul Jones…who was with the Esks gor a couple of decades…will be joining the Riders…basically as the Murphy replacement

I thought Jones might be drawn to psimeone like him…but really surprised this is actually happening. they obviously worked together in Edmonton and Paul gave Chris his first shot in the CFL IIRC

Now the priority is to revive the offence, with an emphasis on finding that elusive franchise Quarterback. Great hire in Paul Jones.

Here’s hoping.

How about that older guy in Toronto, I thought he showed some promise at the start of the season. He seemed to catch on .


Bethel Thompson? You want him to be an assistant GM?

Or you somehow want the Argos to give up their starting QB?

Yes Bethel Thompson was a good find imo, he’s not going anywhere. The frantic over Franklin seems to have quieted down
Chris Streveler in Winnipeg also good find . QB’s are out there, The Riders just aren’t finding them…always been a problem in this Franchise historically. Just never had a great QB pipeline like many other CFL teams it seems.

Everyone’s expendable. For the right price, I thought that bethel Thompson looked good.

Nobody is giving up their starting QB unless they are confident in who is at #2. It is a potential career ender for a GM

If the present brass stays in place, this team will get those prospects

They inherited a hot garbage neg list that 3 players were kept IIRC…and consensus was the same from other GMs on it. Typically…barring some really good fortune…you won’t see a QB from you list for minimum 3 years…minimum.

Popp likely inherritted a pretty good list from Barker and Wally will pass one on to.

Walters…for example…has been in place for what, 5 years? So 4 to bring in a promising prospect? That is pretty good actually.

Start looking at GMs…rare they find that gem before that…and chances are it was a name they inherritted if they do.

Paul isn’t likely to find a solid QB before the season starts. Any interesting prospect from a name brand school is either NFL bound or already listed…schools that recruit well at QB already have their backups listed. Unless they dumbluck into a small school QB or something…if they find a new guy they probably listed him 3 years ago.

So then, with Paul Jones as Ass GM, is this the “go to guy” of the future if CJ doesn’t sign on for further years.

Likely not. He isn’t a tied down in office type…he hasn’t been historically anyways. I mean I’m sure it would be an option…but I assume it would be Oday

3 years ago I didn’t hide that I was not at all in favor of that. I still have some personal gripes there…but he’s come a long way

Well, that’s news, I thought franklin was the guy, and they still have Ricky Ray, I assumed bethel was the odd man out, although I doubt if Champlain would trade any one of them seeing how he got stung in sask. After 2 consecutive years of season ending injuries to Durant. Which he was hardly to blame for, but that shows you the need to have a competent back up , or the need to help develope a quarterback, which should be an ongoing thing.

It was a point of tension and one of multiple things that contributed to Trestman being let go. Trestman was really high on MBT and really seemed to not do Franklin any favors. My gathering is that brass saw Franklin as the future and MBT a guy who had been around enough and could step in. I mean a coach needs to be able top play who he feels is the right guy…but a coach also has to understand there was a large investment in Franklin.

It is not Chamblain’s choice if someone gets moved…and Popp will likely make that very clear. I can actually see Popp making a move to set said example and show who the boss is…something probably needed with CC. Durant being injured and the poor record was a very small part of CC being canned in Sask…there were a mountain of issues there. Wins and losses were only a part of it. BT was thrown out with the bathwater as well…because he let it all happen.

Oh well, happy new year, here’s to a new, new year ! Cheers! Go riders.

I think Bethel Thompson will be a great assistant GM ;D

He can play QB on the side

To quiet in ridersville. What’s with that, no rider news since Pedersen left.

Glad to see they were able to sign Shepley. That’s a nice signing for the O-line.

You miss the Shepley signing a couple days ago (which has nothing to do with Paul Jones joining the Riders)?

Yes, but has nothing to do with Paul Jones joining the Riders.

Bout as much as the Riders bein quiet in a Paul Jones thread :wink: