Paul Godrey leaving Blue Jays as president

Well, just reading that he's leaving the Jays. Understandable with his so up front interest in helping Toronto get an NFL team, appears that the Jays are not his priority and can't have that as a president of a MLB team. In the Sun today:

"I hope still that the NFL will come to Toronto," Godfrey said, adding that the thrill of the chase in acquiring a franchise interested him more so than actually running the football team. Rogers was at the forefront of the deal to bring eight Buffalo Bills games to Toronto over a five-year span, starting in 2008.

Ok, maybe I'm being weird here, but after reading this article, you know, I sort of feel a bit sorry for Godfrey, and I know I shouldn't I guess but I do, in a way anyways:

Godfrey entitled to feel slighted by Rogers

I don't feel sorry for him at all.

I feel sorry for people who don't have shelter, those who have no drinking water or food.

He has a bruised ego? Good. I could care less. Not to mention he's doing himself a favor leaving that sad excuse of a sports organization...Rogers.

Very true geroy, no question, agree.

I heard on the Fan 590 that no one from Rogers showed up at Paul's announcement of his leaving. I wonder if Rogers appointed Phil Lind to head up the NFL initiative leaving Godfrey out for who knows whatever reason. I found this strange because it has been Godfrey over the years that has been heard in the media about the NFL coming to Toronto, his dream etc... Part of me thinks the NFL told the Rogers/Tannenbaum group they don't like Godfrey and put someone else up as the face for bringing a team to T.O. Just speculating though, no idea. Weird situation.