Paul Godfrey to be named new NFL Commisioner after Tagliabue

Marty York reports that later on this week Toronto Blue Jay's President Paul Godfrey will be named NFL Commisioner replacing the retiring Paul Tagliabue.

"This is a dream come true." Exclaimed Mr Godfrey when interviewed by your's truly. "This is the opportunity for the NFL to expand to Canada with Teams in Toronto, Toronto and Toronto." Mr Godfrey went on in his interview to explain the CFL would play an important rule as a farm system in rural villages like Regina, Winnipeg and Calgarton.

" I can eventually see future NFL franchises in smaller cities like Vancouver and Montreal after Toronto wins 3 or 4 Superbowls." Predicted Godfrey.

Gee if Marty reports it.....It must be true! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Oh yea, let me see, Paul Godfrey as NFL commish.

Can you say how everyone in the US of A right now is laughing their FAO! :lol:

But then, no one there has a clue who this guy is anyway! Maybe some bird keeper of some sort they may think.

Maybe I should have posted this in the joke catagory! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I was just thinking that.

I know it's a joke Sportsmen, in fact, I don't think there could be any more of a joke than a thread like this one!
Good job!

I waited for Turkeybend to post something like this, but he must have been on vacation.....Someone had to fill in! :wink:

LMFFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

never will happen not in a million years.

Paul Godfrey for NFL Commish!! What a perfect way to get rid of him! After moving to NFL head offices, he'll forget all about Canada, Toronto, and putting a team there.
It's an hilarious idea, but with Paulie Numbnuts deteriorating management skills, it just might cause the U.S. to declare war on Canada for having a Canadian Taliban member run their football league.
Sporty....good one!!!!!

or Canada might declare war on the US for trying to take Canada's oil and Alberta, and Canada wins will the help of the Commonwealth, the EU and Russia backing them up, and they get Alaska. MHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

this mike's hard lemonade is good stuff!!!!!!!!!!

The extra "F" is for "furry"!

Big Dave: In regards to Kanga's extra "F": Do you REALLY want to know? I'm sure most of us don't. :shock:

acturally, the F stands for a very useful magical word.

We know that one...but what does the other F stand for?

fat or FLUFFY! :lol:

I choose to believe it's "fat."

The alternative is way too disturbing. :shock:

Big Dave: I warned you that you may not want to know!

Fluffy........what are you a rabbit............

.....freaky......foolish......flatwormed.....fornicating.....feminine :shock: .....

.....all of a sudden "fluffy" isn't looking so bad......

PE, I'm a kangaroo, buddy boy! :smiley:

and jm02 has a point. although there is nothing feminine about my ***.