Paul Godfrey is at it again - yes, senility rules

You have to read this. Man, this guy hates the new popularity of the CFL & Argos. It must bug the living heck out of him that Toronto isn't getting the NFL game out of the States next year, the new Wembley is getting that. And to keep the Argos and CFL down, he has to lie in the press. This guy is totally demented, get it together Paul, you look like more of an old fool than you ever have. No one from Toronto even went after the Vikes when they were on sale for a bargain price. He is just lying straight out that he thinks Toronto is after LA. Unreal.

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"He believes a future franchise in T.O. would not only eclipse the Argos, but it might eventually overshadow the Leafs for fan interest."

And Santa Claus will be here on Dec 25, and the tooth fairy before him! :wink:

Oh, let Paul dream on.

Well, living in toronto I can tell you that the NFL would definitely fly here, but they need to make a new stadium for that to happen because the Skydome is not big enough. I remember the colts owner mentioned toronto as a possible relocation city, but that was way before they got their new stadium.

what a twit! ...send a message to paul, and turn off the superBORE

Why does the media keep printing his drivel ... Man I hate him.

I really wish he would just shut up. Ah well, at least his dreams won't be realized ... I don't follow the NFL and I'm well aware they have no intention of expanding into Canada.

ALL CFL Fans should now be e-mail. mailing, calling and faxing the Blue Jays calling for his head. I cant take this peace of sh!t ...what a joke

I'll watch the Toronto Lynx before I watch a Toronto NFL team.

Who are the Lynx?

i messaged the argos, askin thier thoughts on this moron.

Exactly. I'll watch a team no one knows before i watch a Toronto NFL team.

Oh but if you really want to know, they play in the USL (soccer).

Like I predicted yesterday in our other thread, it was only a matter of time before the Paul Godfrey nonsense came out. With a few more days left, expect more to come out in the print in his former Toronto Sun and Toronto Star. Maybe if many more would ignore him, he would go away and hide. Not likely as there are enough other suckers listening to his spewing of nonsense.

I know that this will sound totally morbid, but with all the gun violence Toronto has, I'm surprised some whacked out, pro-CFL heat-packing fan hasn't tried to bust a cap in the AntiChrist's @$$. But then again, thinking an NFL team would outdraw the Leafs? He's bound to get committed to the funny farm soon.

Are the lynx staying now that Toronto has won a MLS franchise? hard to think the soccer market here is that big.

I’m not sure. I know a guy that plays for the Montreal Impact (Mesut Mert, he coached my brother’s soccer team). I was checking the stats for the league and saw the Toronto team.

ya the impact are much more popular in Montreal then the lynx are in T.O. MLS should have considered them for a franchise if they had any sense, but were probably caught up in a 'bigger must be better' mentality, assuming cause toronto is bigger, there would be more fans or more of a market or something.