Paul Godfrey Dumbest Man on Earth

Other motivations? Maybe he wants to impress his wealthy buddies to have an NFL team here, guys who are a bunch of "NFL only counts" fans. Maybe he is bored with the Blue Jays thing (I would be) and he looking for a new challenge. Maybe his ego is so big he can't relate to the CFL. I don't know, I really don't. All I can assume it is has something to do with making money because I see the guy not a some great president of a MLB team or guru but strictly as a promoter to make money in the sports biz. I really don't think there is much to the guy other than money and the CFL to him doesn't bring enough money, not big time enough for him and his ego.

I think your very last word may have nailed it, Earl. Ego.

Ego is a funny thing. Some people apparently couldn't relate to JC way back when as the messiah or whatever as JC was just too much of a commoner. Paul is sort of like that I think, one those ego types bigtime. Get my drift? :wink:

And if we're right about his ego, it probably just got bigger mentioning him in the same sentence as JC. It probably grows every time one of us talks about the creep, too.

This world would be better off without the likes of Godfrey

He should at least be kicked out of Canada.

HEy Footballyoubet:
You explain to me how the NFL coming to Toronto is going to kill a whole league?

Like do you mean just the CFL, or the NHL as well? Like, are the Leafs going to fold as well? After all, they'll go head to head with this hallowed NFL?

And will the Oilers and Canucks and Habs and Sens fold too? So that everyone in Canada can cheer for Toronto's NFL team? Do ya think?

I can give you evidence where they've been complete busts. Like, the NFL is big in the USA. Outside of the USA its nothing. Up here its just another sport. The CFL will do just fine.

Show me any evidence where an American sports league has hurt any league in this country? And in turn show me evidence where an American sports league has been successful up here?

I can give you evidence where they've been complete busts. See Grizzlies and Expos.

And if the improbable happened and the CFL did die, it would be the death of football in Canada.

Why we have so many doubters about the viability of this league astounds me. The NFL is like the Emperor with No Clothes. Once the people up see what it is, and the novelty wears off, it'll be just like baseball and the NBA. One big yawn.

the bluejays were world series champs in '92 and '93...this affected ticket sales for the grey cup so badly, they had to move the grey cup from toronto to winnipeg...theres one example of american sport hurting the CFL.

The Americans were so upset over the Jays winning the world series that we let them have one grey cup! I personally don't see the NFL coming to Toronto,Montreal,Prince Albert,Canmore,Dawson City or anywhere else north of the border! "ONE BILLION" dollars is the expansion fee for an NFL team! Thats a minimum fee!!! Are Paul and the boys really that crazy?? Long live our CFL!

what would the CFL do with a Billion DOLLARS ???

Sorry Drummergod:
The year the Grey Cup was played in Winnipeg the Argos had a great year. That was when Rocket ISmail and Gretzky were around.

I went to the semi-final game at the Skydome that year, I think against Winnipeg, and there was over 50,000 in attendance. If the Grey Cup had of been held there, they would have easily sold out.

YOu might be thinking of the time the game was moved when the US expansion thing went down the tubes. Baltimore was scheduled to host the game that year, but because they were no longer in existance the game was relocated to another city, which I can't remember.

You hit the nail on the head there! I live in a baseball crazy state (Ohio) and some people I’ve spoken too can’t even tell you where Toronto is! (Of course look at our SAT scores, we are some of the stupidist people on earth) americans will not care about (nor follow) a Canadian NoFunLeague team.

When the Canadian flag was flown upside down, i believe the flyers had it wrong. An upside down flag is a distress sign. After the Jays won that World Series, it was the United States flag that should have been upside down.

Earl, I'd guess what area of the country you're from but I just can't stop throwing up long enough to care...You seem to think this thread is one that you have a "Unique" perspective on judging by your consistent explainations to all of us who are so unenlightened. I'd like to think that if I took the time to explain Pride and culture to you that I could make an impression on you, but I'd rather just ask you to rotate!!!

billy, I personally don't care what you think of me based on what I write but I will tell you I am a season ticket holder for the Cats and have been for a number of years with my wife. Going to Cats games is the highlight of my entertainment life.
My perspective is in no way unique really and I'm not the smartest or brightest guy on this earth, and neither am I the dumbest. I'm not telling you or anyone anything, just giving my opinions, which may be all wrong.
I am a very proud Canadian. That being said, I am also someone who likes certain things from other countries and that doesn't make me a bad Canadian. I do put my money where my mouth is for pride and culture and spend on the CFL in my country.
Now you want me to rotate, hey fine, I'll rotate on anything quite nicely and do it just for you bud, but you have to give me an ice cream cone if I'm going to do this, I like cherry vanilla, the best. :wink:

PS. A big part of me hates living in southern Ontario to be quite honest but this is where I live and work, and this is also where there are a lot of proud Canadians who love the CFL. Maybe not as many as in some other parts of Canada per capita, that I'll agree with, but doesn't mean we all here aren't proud Candians.

YES , he is very stupid.

The NFL is not going to say ,

" we will take your money but we will not give you a NFL team "

The NFL does say ,

" a NFL team MAY come to TORONTO , so keep watching NFL games and buying our stuff "

People like PAUL fall for that line every time.

I don't think this can be restated enough...
"Paul Godfrey is the Dumbest Man on Earth!!!!"

Hey, did someone here light this fire rather than the media saying it was just a candle falling over?:

"TORONTO — A fire caused up to $500,000 damage to the home of Toronto Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey last week, killing one of his four cats. Neither Godfrey nor his wife, Gina, were hurt. Fire officials said the fire was caused when a candle fell over on the dining room tablecloth."

Source: The Canadian Jewish News

I didnt light it, but I cant say I feel sorry for him.

Maybe God trying to tell him something.

BMO Field on the CNE grounds is a soccer-first stadium.

but it's hasty construction screws it up
as a site for Toronto Argonauts games
if the NFL takes over The Roger's Centre

and it screws up revenue-producing alternate uses
like Vanier Cups and high-school championships.

A Canadian football field will not fit inside this stadium.

The irony is MLSE will recover their $18 million costs
and profit by $9 million by selling naming rights
to the BMO for a mere $27 million over 10 years.

And the tax payers are stuck with
the federal and provincial support $$s

click here

Honestly, I dont think the NFL would survive in Canada. I know I dont watch NFL.... But I do watch CFL... Many people may be the same way. However when I have nothing else better to do, yea, I'll turn on a sunday or monday night game... I'm not about to spend NFL prices to be lulled to sleep.
(side note: I love CFL Prices! It costs less than any other perfessional sport i know, especially Playoffs / Grey Cup

He mentioned that the Rogers center could seat 60,000 but thats small for the NFL... seriously, do you think that if they went that route they'd get more than 40-55 k people per game ? maybe for playoff games, or a superbowl... But those would still be boring due to the play clock, and commercials