Paul Godfrey Dumbest Man on Earth

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Paul Godfrey insists his Toronto NFL dream, if it becomes reality, will not kill the Argos.

A day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell left the door open for international expansion, the Blue Jays president said yesterday he could help make Toronto a successful two-football-league town.

"I have a plan if an NFL team comes to Toronto that would help the Argonauts," Godfrey said. "I'm not prepared to reveal details of that. I'm a strong supporter of a strong Canadian Football League. The city is big enough and if the leagues don't completely overlap on top of each other, they both could co-exist in the city."

Despite Goodell's statement that international expansion is a possibility, Godfrey's potential ownership group of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. chairman Larry Tanenbaum and media mogul Ted Rogers still have a number of hurdles to clear to make it happen. The CFL is one and so is the stadium issue. The Rogers Centre, Godfrey's preferred venue, could be expanded to seat 60,000 fans, which still would be smallish for the NFL. If that's the case, Godfrey said a new stadium could be built without taxpayers' money.

"Let me state right off the top that building a new facility, politicians shouldn't get their knickers in a knot because we're not going to ask for any money," he said. "You can build new stadiums with personal seat license money." ( IDIOT )

While the new news involves potential international expansion, Godfrey still will be looking at buying an existing team and moving it here. If the NFL expands to Los Angeles for a 33rd team, however, Godfrey believes another expansion team would be around the corner.

"It seemed the ideal route to go was through re-location," he said. "Now we've got the double opportunity to go one or the other.

Godfrey confirmed Toronto will not bid for the NFL's one international regular-season game in 2007, as the NFL doesn't want to interfere with the city's Grey Cup.

"But there's lots of activity between 2008 and 2011 and we'll be knocking on the door each and every year," he said.

Paul Godfrey HAS to be the DUMBEST man alive....his boss, Ted Rogers, Just said hes NO LONGER INTERESTED in owning an NFL team :

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YET, here is Paul, saying hes gonna get one....MORON!
he lives in fantasy land, where NFL teams are FREE and fans pay for stadiums with seat licence fees...hahahahahahahahahahaha...WAKE UP HOMER SIMPSON

Yesterdays and todays Province Newspaper had good articles about it (Check Kent Gilchrests column) In a summary, Ackles feels the NFL comming to Canada would kill the CFL. Ackles was discouraging his NFL contacts from making a move up here because of the number of people it would put out of work. Basically, Gilchrest pointed out the same things your article points out.

Be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years.

Why would an NFL team in Toronto kill the CFl? I just don't get that one?

I mean if the CFL has been able to survive going head to head with the NHL, which is ten times more popular than the NFL in Canada, why should the NFL have any affect?

It won't. Baseball had no impact. Basketball had no impact. In fact those sports are on the decline. The NFL will eventually go the same way.

What morons like Godfrey don't realize is that we're not them. Hopefully Godfrey finds that out by losing his shirt. Then again while he is an idiot, who knows never to put any of his own money into these outlandish schemes. I wouldn't trust that guy as far as I could throw him.

They talked about if Toronto got an NFL franchise, all national advertising would go there to the NFL games rather than CFL games. (Subway would be replaced by Joes & Flos diner, Pepsi would be replaced by Paul's pool hall, etc, etc, etc.). Regional advertising which is cheaper would take over the remaining 7 team league TV coverage. Less advertsing revenue equals lower player salaries and a downwatd spiraling effect.

I'm truly of the belief that the NFL would NOT make it in Toronto. I think that so many people and organizations have looked at it that it is completely ridiculous to believe this doorknob is the genius who could put it together. Let the media shun this fiasco as dust in the flatulent wind and begin to help support the league that is capable of uniting the whole country. Long live the memory of the Pezims and the rest of the mutts with too much ambition and no sense of patriotism. God bless the CFL!!!!

What was the name of that duck who said “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”?

Thats what all this NFL BS is. Because face facts.

The NHL came to Canada, and CFL sponsorship has increased. Baseball and basketball came to Canada. And CFL sponsorship has increased.

The NFL if it comes to Toronto, one city, it will have zero impact on the CFL. Thus because TV ratings and interest across Canada remains the same or rises, especially with new teams in halifax and Ottawa, thus sponsorship will continue as it is.

This NFL team in Toronto will have zero impact on Canada. Unlike the media, we are not infatuated with everything American.

And once the NFL falls to the level of baseball and basketball, the CFl will be free of anymore boogeymen around the corner. I say bring em on!

I agree partially with you berezan.Lets say If.... A very Big IF the NFL does come Toronto. I see it successful the first 2-3 years. After the novelty wears off, it will go the same way of the Blue Jays and Raptors. Hate to say it, but Toronto (And Vancouver somewhat) is a Hockey town first.

Personally, I hope the NFL doesn't come to Canada. I prefer the exciting CFL brand of football over the NFL brand any time. (Even though I watch both) It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

drummergod: Excellent title for this thread.
berezin 99: The "Sky is falling' character was Chicken Little"
Paul Godfrey: You're an idiot. And I see you're still being very generous with everyone else's money. Are you still chasing the NFL because your baseball team BLOWS? Ted needs to fire you before you talk him into doing something stupid. Hopefully, Ted remembers he didn't build his empire listening to psychotic crackheads like you.

i have to disagree with the title of this thread, P.G is a very shrewd Politician and buisness man, He has been putting the nfl idea in the papers for over 20 years, and every time it undermines the args and the CFl, very cool and calculated, and like many present day politicians, he can talk about no taxes being raised as if it where the truth.

The NFL if it comes to Toronto, one city, it will have zero impact on the CFL
most ludicrous statement I have ever seen.

I would try to tell you why, as I and others have already done in numerous threads here, but obvously you just dont get it.

Do Americans, really want a Toronto nFL team im sure many were not pleased with toronto winning the World series, RE- UPSIDE DOWN CANADIAN FLAG!!

Godfrey is a promoter at heart, a president of a baseball team and dreamer of an NFL team second. Promoters like to bring events to cities that they think will make them and their sponsors loads of money. I personally don't really think Godfrey is much of a football fan of any sort, but he is a promoter (didn't he bring the Molson car race to Toronto?) and his game is sports promotion. If I was him and thought from number crunching I could make a crapload of money bringing an NFL team to the city I live in, well, I just might do it as well to be quite honest.

well, I just might do it as well to be quite honest.
Just dont forget to hire bodyguards :twisted:

Paul Godfrey Dumbest Man on Earth

Agreed. :thup:

Look guys, do I like the guy when I see him on TV doing interviews and listening to him on the radio? No, he looks like a weasel and sounds like one also and I personally don’t want to go to his stadium and help make money for him, I don’t care for the guy. But the man is a business man and promoter, no need to crap on the guy. What he isn’t is someone who could give a rats arse about anything other than making money and that’s what businessmen like to do. He isn’t some person who is a visionary of sorts to make Canada great or be a nice guy that everybody likes to say “wow, there’s Paul Godfrey”, he couldn’t care less. He just wants to make money any way he can.

He just wants to make money any way he can.
which is why he deserves to be crapped on

he's attempting to sell out canadian tradition and heritage for cash, most of it won't even go to him.

why doesnt he put his 'promotional talents' to good use and promote the CFL/Argos?

Good question, drummer god.

I agree good question. Here's the answer: the CFL is too small for him in terms of making money, he figures despite all his efforts he can't really make the money he wants from this league so he figures not to waste his time on it. He has that perogative to ignore the league. If it could make the money of the NFL, believe me, even if all our stadiums were crap he wouldn't care less, he'd be all over it in a second.

But the money doesn’t come from, or go into, his wallet. There’s got to be something other than money motivating him. I’m not saying money has nothing to do with it…I’m sure it does…