Paul Godfrey as next Ticats President

Lets get him as our Prez and dump Mitchell...He brings class...knows Marketing and Southern Ontario Market. I think he could be a great option to bring the Cats back on track.

Yes, Godfrey has a great record in sports. The Jays didn't make the playoffs once during his 7 year run as their prez.

And....he is too "Toronto". We can do better.

lets bring in this sleezeball who wants to destroy the CFL in this region so he can get his NFL team in T.O. :roll:

Wow, this is one idea I never thought I'd hear on a CFL board. But hey, I guess stranger things have happened in the universe. :wink:

But please, Mr. Godfrey isn't as bad as some make him out to be, and that has included myself in the past at times. He doesn't want to destroy the CFL, he just doesn't care about it, that's all, from my understanding at least.

Just shows supercflfan is just here to troll and doesn't have a clue what they're talking about.

I thought I’d heard it all. You want to bring in the guy who started the courting of the NFL 30 years ago before Ted Rogers and Larry Tannenbaum even knew which side was up? His last goal in pro sports is to bring the NFL to Canada and this is likely where he’ll devote his energies now that he’s left the Jays.

Offer him the presidency of a CFL team and he’d laugh in your face.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Godfrey wouldn't lower himself to come to Hamilton !!
    He thinks he is a real big time operator, who would only work in that World Class City of Toronto  !!!

    You know that city that is the centre of the universe  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    Besides, he's a headcase  !!!          <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Cool ! Someone small enough Bob Young can beat up if he skrews up. LOL!

Sorry but Bob doesn’t stand a chance agains’t Paul. Why? Because Paul has had to avoid players swinging a baseball bat at him throughout the years when they get mad at him, while Bob on the other hand doesn’t have to worry about the bat, can just run away from TiCat players mad at him. So Paul has had to learn more evasive techniques than Bob so Bob won’t stand a chance getting a hold of him. :wink:

I couldn't agree more

I thought almost the exact same thing when I read the title, except my thought had swearing.

Has to be a troll.

Then we need to sign him ASAP.... as a QB

I thought Bob was already one of our QBs, somewhere on the depth chart. Would this lead to the next QB controversy? The wily old veteran vs the inexperienced but enthusiastic kid?

So did Paul resign from the Jays in order to devote his time to his NFL 'interest'?