Paul Friesen Quotes MadJack

Hey, I'm a source !

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are there are any treatments available for this condition MJ? :stuck_out_tongue:

"I’ll end with this one from Jack, [b][u]a Bomber fan in Toronto[/u][/b]"

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, world. :rockin:

Yes, don't know where he got that from . . .

No one EVER confuses MadJack with me...


;'''''Good one MJ.....although I don't know why you would offer sound advice to a team who you rate (in your books) as the second worst liked in the league :lol: ...Bellefool has to go and he can take the special teams co-ordinator Tracey with him...Mike O has hired friendly faces and it seems like they are not to be held responsible for their incompetence..Mike better do something if nothing hasn't improved in the next few games ,or he will have placed a target squarely on his back... :wink:

When did I ever say that, papa? it on the TI-Cat forum last year ....can't remember the thread...You rated teams from most liked to least liked....BUT that's okay everyone has their favourites and I know you have as do I....Maybe it's just a case of the running competition you have between yourself and ploen truth who is quite a Bomber fan...I understand :wink: :lol:

Something you wanna share with us, hmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many other reporters you stalk and ask to publish your comments.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry papa but you must have me confused with someone else; I am very certain that I never posted any such thing.

I don’t stalk anyone.

I am personal friends with two sportswriters, with whom both me and Mrs MadJack have had on more than one occasion the pleasure of spending some quality time (measured of course by the number of drinks we all have). Paul Friesen happens to be one of them.

So after my latest email to him he asked if he could publish it and attribute to me and I said sure. . . but then he missed my main point (which was that not only the OC but also the offensive line coach (Wylie) and the assistant offensive line coach (Charbonneau) should be getting the darts because they were in the same positions for last year’s train wreck of an offensive line).