Pats Release DL Jason Vega

The New England Patriots released ex Winnipeg Blue Bomber DL Jason Vega who is a free agent see link below. Could be a good addition to the Cats!!!

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We had Vega at training camp a few years back,but sadly he got caught up in the numbers and was one of our final cuts.He couldn't crack our line that year that had the likes of Hickman,Baggs,McIntyre and Bolden.He ended up being signed by the Bombers.Tis to bad we didn't have a crystal ball back then,cause as we all know none of these guys play for us anymore.I'm not sure on this,but I think that the B.B.'s will have first crack at signing him if he chooses to come back to the C.F.L. I could be wrong on this point though,but my guess is he ends up back in the PEG.

I heard he signed with dallas.