Patrik. Laine.

That’s why he went 2nd overall and is called a phenom. 5 goals in the game against St. Louis and now the NHL goal leader. That was crazy

Very few assists this year, tho.

The Big Laizy (Laine) reminds me of a Frank Mahovlich in many ways. Big tall kid with lazy, loping skating strides.

Only difference is that Big M didn’t have the kind of snap shot slapper or quick-wrister that Laine has. Actually no one in NHL history has!

Laine has a couple beautiful assists but only 3 or 4 overall this year so he can’t be compared to all-time great scorers like Gretzky, Messier, Howe, Yzerman, Richard, Keon, etc. just yet.

He’s also a turnover machine as his puck-handling skills are sub-average. In fairness, his size (6’5") and reach (amazing) have resulted in numerous take-aways from unsuspecting opponents.

Laine also told me he was gonna get off to a sluggish start this season (he did) by telling everyone he had shed 13 lbs. in the off-season and didn’t do a lot of practicing.

He’s in full shooter mode now!

Jets have no problems with Laine - how could they? But there are grave concerns about a feeble hot-knife thru butter defense and sub-standard goal-tending.

Some guy in Winnipeg also won 1.1 million cash from Sobey-Safeway with the 5 goal performance from The Big P

Your irrational hate for Laine is hilarious. One month ago you said :

Liability Laine won't be filling any nets with pucks anytime soon!

Might be fortunate to only regress to 20-23 goals this season unless he gets himself injured and takes his poor play off the hook.

As for 20+ goals I’d say 15 of them will be power play goals . . . .

He’s at 19 already, 10 at even strength.

I don’t blame him, with a shot like that!