Patrick Neufeld?

I'm a Bomber fan. We just traded for Patrick Neufeld. What can you Roughrider fans tell me about him? Is he a legit CFL starting tackle? Is he average, above average? Do you think he's a lock to return to the Riders once his contract is up?

well, firstly, he has 2 more years on his contract. If the Bomber organization is still a mess, he may look elsewhere by then.

He is a solid tackle, not as great of a guard. It was a solid pickup.

I think the bombers did all right on this one. Neufeld is young and still learning,he was very solid last year up to the leg injury. This year seemed to a bit of a step back in performance. If the bombers give him some time and don't throw him under the bus I think he will be fine. Remember the probability of Hall sticking with the bombers were about zero so yes a good pick up when all added up.