Patrick Mahomes, what an arm

KC QB Patrick Mahomes has an arm .

In preseason game he throws a 70 yard bomb to Tyreek Hill .

One of the longest in air passes in preseason or regular season .

Big deal. Drew Willy can do the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Uncle Rico will bet you he could throw that football over them mountains…truth…

KC QB sensation .

Mahomes continues to impress . Not just how far anymore but accurate as well .

10 TD passes in two games .

6 TD’s against the Steelers sets NFL record .

The man has a gun for an arm . Throws a pass for 60 mph .

He could throw a pigskin a quarter mile…

They would have won state if coach put him in…

…no doubt…no doubt in my mind…

This guy definitely looks like like the next “big one” there in the NFL, for sure. Time will tell.

Hoping he is even though it’s the other league ; need some new phenom blood to get excited about .

He threw that one without planting a foot on the ground .

I like how he rolls out and fires it .

The mechanics are all there maybe it’s his pitching background in baseball that is helping .

Mahomes continues to impress in his third start .

IN Game three he breaks Peyton Mannings three game record with three more passing touch downs .

Finished watching the KC and Pats game . Wow 43 - 40 .

Mahomes show was amazing . If you put up 40 points you should win .

Mahomes with 4 TD’s and over 350 yds passing was still full throttle .

It’s like watching the Great One ( Gretzky ) play those first years .

Love my CFL but I envy the NFL for Mahomes in KC and Goff for the LA Rams .

Big test for Mahomes this Sunday against the established Patriots .

Will the Chiefs move on with the Rams ?

Could there be a replay of the Rams /Chiefs regular season game 54- 51 in the Super Bowl .

The Chiefs defence must up their game .

…I hope I’m wrong but I think Mahomes sits on his sideline for 40 minutes…the stoopid Patriots will control the ball and methodically pick apart the Chiefs D…

…of course it’s always fun to watch the pats lose a SB again…

Fun and crazy fact about Brady vs Mahomes in this Sundays AFC Championship game…Mahomes was only 4 yrs old when Brady got picked by the Pats in the 2000 NFL draft . :o

Mahomes responded in the 4th quarter and didn’t get a chance in OT to respond with NFL rules .

Just a great season for the new blood .

Unfortunately, NFL rules did not permit the coin-flip loser a chance at the ball if the flip winner takes their opportunity to score a game-winning TD.

Obvious rule-change should be much like CFL:

  1. Both teams get at least one crack at the field. Both teams must attempt 2 pt. conversions to lessen potential for perpetual continuation.

  2. After both teams score - it then becomes sudden death.

  3. If 4 rounds of sudden death still result in a deadlock a kicking contest ensues

  4. Teams start attempting field goals from 35 out, increasing by 5 yds with every success until a miss happens!