Patrick Lavoie !

The Rookie FB is trending 45 receptions , 500 yards and 12 Touchdowns...


No doubt he'll be the als' rookie of the year at the very least. Just plays so intelligently. The als needed a high-profile francophone on their roster. Give Jim Popp all the credit for this one.

I LOVE this kid, he's a baller. He already looks so smooth and calm out there and he's only seven games into his pro career. Contrast with Eric "I can't even execute a pick properly as a decoy" Deslauriers. :thdn:

I think we have a starting tight end and his name is Patrick Lavoie.

Where's that RougeRadio guy to tell us Popp should have stayed home from the draft this year? :lol:

I also want to give kudos to Marcus Brady. I'm going to say it: I think our offense is superior to last year's version, even if Richardson isn't tearing it up yet. It's more balanced, not every play runs through Jamel, and we're getting big contributions from guys like Lavoie and London. Everybody looks energized again. I don't know how much part Marcus has played in the resurgence, but he's the new OC, so you have to give him some credit. :thup:

I need a new jersey, Lavoie and London are on top of my list. :thup:

I agree with the above. Lavoie is playing like a veteran. His choice as our 1st choice was excellent. I also believe that our offense is playing at a level above last season. Sometimes injuries can have a positive side. Without Whitaker's injury we would not had the option of seeing Victor Anderson's display as a running back and receiver. I had been concerned about the strength of our bench should Whitaker get injured- not concerned any longer!With Richardson out, London really stepped up his play. Anderson showed he is also a good receiver and Lavoie caught 1 of Calvillo's passes for a TD. My impression concerning Lavoie is that he seems to be in the right place at the right time. I also liked Lockley's play. I believe that Popp's acquisitions have really made our bench stronger. Will Anderson be returning P/K s tonight In addition the newcomer Trent Guy demonstrated he can return as well. All in all our playing strength has improved with the new guys showing their abilities. I am already looking forward to the TiCat game.

Niagara, exactly. When a door closes, another one opens. Injuries are always tough to overcome, but in this case, we found out that we have guys who can step up and be just as effective as the starters.

Happy birthday Patrick.