Patrick is Sloooowwww

What has happened to this guys wheels? He was a CFL allstar for goodness sake. He can't make many angles that he clearly should. People always called Beveridge slow but Patrick in 2013 makes him look fast.

The FS issue is at least half of the pass and run cover issues this team has. The other 4 DB's totally stepped up this game but not Patrick.

This needs to be addressed ASAP.

Didn’t Vinnie say so?

Typical of this team to pick up a name that sounded good but really wasn’t up to snuff…

He was never a burner even with the Riders, nor was he ever good against the run. At his best he read the play well and put himself into a great position to make an interception.

With our defence having 11 rookies dressed ,6 being starters,were going to need what few veterans available we have to settle things down.This is why I believe Patrick is in the line-up.Besides Johnson and Knowlton the other vets are 2nd or3rd year players.Im guessing that the long term plan is Stephen as our safety in the future,could happen this year,but in the meantime,Patrick is strictly stop gap.

Agree. But maybe the move has to be made sooner rather than later. I sure hope Figueroa is going to be back soon at RT and when that happens I hope there will be the ratio space to keep Brown, McCullough, Hobbs and Breaux as corners and defensive HBs. One possibility is to make the move at safety now with NI Stephens (with lots of potential NI backups on the roster).

Like what was said about Eric Harris ?, who was a force last night. Everybody has an opinion.

If Patrick is the answer then somebody has to change the question. As for the return of Figueroa, are you suggesting Wojt didn't play well? I would disagree with you there. If the Cats wanted real roster flexibility, then consider left tackle as a Canadian position. That experiment might prove to be the least disruptive to the team and would allow the Dline an extra import. If the safety becomes a Canadian spot then the permutations and combinations boggle the mind. I don't think the tinkering is anywhere near complete. Note to Danny and Tillman: Go find us some defensive ends and a tackle that plugs the middle. Oh, by the way, congrats on the win! :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

We keep demanding changes.
How can the defense get better when the players beside each other continue to change.
On defense you must count on the player beside you to do his job, it is definately a team concept.
Continuity is a must
Missed tackles and missed assignments are coachable
Talent is not coachable, either you have it or you don't
The defense played okay against Peg, a couple of big plays against hurt
Run Defense is still a problem!
If the Defense can hold a team to 20 points or less, our offense will outscore our opponent IMHO

The simple truth is that it will always be hard to win when all your Free Safety's angles turn into a futile chase. Patrick is simply not showing enough angle and closing ability. Not near enough.

The safety position has been going back to around 94-95,held by a Canadian(Hitchcock,Beverige,Barker,Bucknor).Like I said earlier,Stephen appears to be the heir apparent.But until he gets up to speed,Patrick it seems for now is the best option we've got.On another topic mentioned here,I was saying before training camp that a 4 can.1 am. ratio was a viable option for the O-line,was never impressed with Turnstial Dile last year or our two american rooks that have played there this season. Keep Wojt in at tackle,and line should be fine,besides we have quite a reserve of O-linemen waiting in the wings(Husband,Baillergeon,Rockhill,Filer).With this ratio,eventually when Stephen finally starts,our flexibility in ratio,will allow us to maybe keep Patrick on the roster as a mentor for the young guns,and free up an imp. spot elsewhere on the roster!! :smiley: :smiley: :rockin:

I guess I do (respectfully) disagree. 7 sacks by Winnipeg, 3 by Hall.

Winnipeg has been sack machines,so far this season 18 thru 3 games on pace for a ridiculous 108 on season!!!! Afraid to say it but if Stinkersal would've played they probably hit double digits!!!!!

Please stay on topic and with the rules by staying on topic. The thread is about Patrick not the OL.

I agree, he misses plays and is always in trail mode, we could find someone better.

Hall beat Simmons on an attempted cut block and Chevy and Delahunt in the first half. That's 2 sacks by Hall over our left side. Wojt played right tackle. Just sayin..

Pat Lynch(the old guy)