When Jason Maas was qoted as saying “Coach Lancaster lacked Patience when he Pulled him from the game in the final quarter”.
Jason wake up its been two weeks of camp ,two exhibition games,9 regular season games and you have not delivered, NOW THATS PATIENCE YOU DONT DESERVE!!!
That wasnt just a coach pulling you that was a Hall Of Fame Quaterback. I think he knew what he was doing.
TAKE THE HINT AND START PRODUCING!!! Be cause it wont be a slap in the face next time it will be a kick in the butt as you are heading out of Town!!!

Patience, Maas might still be healing.

then tell him not to play. if hes healthy enough to play he can take this critizem

Jason is a young qb who needs guidance.
he maybe a great QB in the future and if being anxious right now not wanting to get pulled could be a good thing.

it shows he has a desire.

Bring DMAC back to teach him or get an experience OC/ former QB to show him the way for the future....

Jason Maas, once comfortable at his position can be a deadly force, we all know that we saw it with the ESKIES.

but right now he is angry with himself and is trying to hard which ends up over throwing the ball, not completing his passes, he needs experience and to be comfortable.

time will tell.

Did someone forget to take his meds??


I am getting sick of hearing about maas, if he is hurt do not play him give someone else a chance and if this is the case all season why has he played, not fair to us as fans or the other players, also i am sick of his whining and behaviour shit or get off the pot mr maas

To Quote our Former Head Coach Greg Marshall"He Gives us are Best Chance to win"

I won’t say anymore about Maas People know how a Feel about him…