I find it funny that the team asks for patience from the fans, yet, the organization has no patience. They are constantly shuttling people in and out. Every week we seem to cut someone and bring in new guys. How is a team supposed to gel?

I understand you need to add new players when things aren't working, but the fact that we have so much turnover after the season starts is not a good sign. It tells me the management didn't do enough homework in the off-season and clearly didn't bring in quality players. Even the trades we made this off-season haven't worked out; we just cut the guys we got.

I think management needs to take a little breather and stop looking for short term fixes and let the team grow. We've got a lot of young guys, and a lot of new faces this year. The team is getting better slowly but surely so give them some time with the same guys and we might be surprised at how well the team plays in the second half of the year.

Google "Catch 22".