Pathetic, and unemotional. The life got sucked out of this team when the refs didn't call the fumble, and then the offense couldn't produce again.

What's wrong with this team? IMO the coaching doesn't prepare well, doesn't adjust well, and the offense is still week.

Why would a team throw 3 and 4 yard passes against the Argos, and not go vertical. The Argos defense has speed, and shuts those plays down.

When things are working, do something else. When Toronto adjusts to the blitz, you don't just stop, you find new ways to disguise it.

All good teams in this leage have a good QB, a go to receiver, and a good running back. Maas is either hurt, or just can't run this boring offense. We still don't have a receiver who is a go to guy.

We are a better team then last year, but we still have some missing pieces. Right now this year looks like another right off.


There is another word.......embarrassing.
It is embarrassing to admit that I am a Ticat fan these days. This is a hard working blue collar town with a white collar team.

I got the feeling last night that this wasn't even a team, blue collar, white collar or no collar. Just a bunch of guys in identical jerseys. There was some swagger from the players coming out for the game but after 10 minutes, they just rolled over. Even their 2 points were gimmes. It could've easily been another shutout.

I agree with other posts that many of the players aren't good enough to win but they can still go down fighting. These guys just put up the white flag. Lancaster and his crew are to blame for not being able to pull this bunch together and also for not developing competent gameplans.

An Argo fan

Monty, you're lucky you didn't have to witness the game in person. It was a lot of things, including pathetic.
A lot of things need to change with this club. First off, these guys need to suck it up, get in the game and quit just putting in time. There's no passion, there's no drive, there's nothing.
The offence is anemic. I for one am tired of the 5-7 yard hitch pass time and time again. That's no imagination. Nothing down field!! What defence can't figure that out.
We use the running game for 10 minutes and then forget about it.
It's now 9 games into the season. I suspect it's going to take another 9 before they gel. And then what happens?
If Ottawa gets another crack at a franchise...there's a draft. I can think of a few players, at this point, I wouldn't protect.
But don't get me wrong, I love this team, win or lose, always have. I will continue to support them win or lose, always will. But right now, I just don't like them very much. And it's not just because they're not winning. Been through all that before.
Right now, it's as if no one really seems to care.

Please provide a link that backs your assertion up.

If you watched the Western playoffs last year and saw how Maas rallied the team in both B.C. and Calgary, you shouldn't be saying this. There was nothing wrong with his shoulder in 2005. Carrying a clipboard for 18 games can help assure that.

Oski Wee Wee,