I try to keep a positive outlook but there comes a time when you have to stop and call a spade a spade. Hamilton's play tonight can only be summed up in on word...Pathetic. Toronto with a better producing offense sacked Austin last week. Why the heck are we still hanging this guy Paopao?

Secondly, I hate to get down on a player but Maas is getting paid the big bucks to produce, not raise his arms up play after play looking emotionally hurt then going to the sidelines to sulk. Has this guy completed one pass over 30 yards this season. I'm afraid it's gut check time Maas. If he doesn't start getting his act together soon… trade him. Then let’s start looking. I don’t think I could stand watching Maas play like this for another season...

It is getting obvious that Hamilton will likely not make the playoffs. So let’s start the rebuilding now. Start bringing in and looking at some guys that might help the club for next year. Let’s do whatever we need to get ride of the malaise that has fallen over this club. This is not entertaining to watch anymore!

Couldn't agree more.

Did you happen to read my topic? But I couldn't agree more with Pao-Pao, but I think we should keep maas untill we get a new Offence Co-ordinator, and if mass still sucks then trade him.

Who should be let go after this game? Actually might be a great policy (works for Patterson). Drop the guy who can't deliver after a losing game. Seemed to bring on a win last time the axe fell. By the end of the season we might have a team.

Its time the caretaker put on the ceo hat.

I just hope the Calgary-Montreal games good or this nights been wasted.

trade him???...who would want him?...he is the WORST starter in the league.

go sulk some more, maas.

Maas has proven he is a good q.b, obviously Paopao's system is not a good fit for him, he needs a system that's aggressive, not this 5 yard curls, and dink and dunk type of stuff.

But, I don't think we have the talent anyway to run any type of offence effectively, there is a major lack of talent at receiver. Peterson and Ralph are bunk, T.V is too old to be a go to guy, Flick is just a deep threat, there is no one that will open up room for the other players.

THIS TEAM IS A JOKE.WE JUST GOT SMOKED.................The only reason we got 2 points tonite is because Toronto gave it to long do we have to watch a (pro-team)play pee-wee football.Our O.f. d.f.and s.t cordinator is a looked like the Argos played a highschool team tonite...I am absolutley disgusted with this team.How do we go from playing a great game last week to playing like we did tonite........we need a total overhall here.this reminds me of the early 90's when we were crap.I am sorry but I am sick of this team.How many more excuses can we come up with.I've heard well we need to gell as ateam.KNOCK,KNOCK pudd'n head!!when are you going to gell when your packing your bags and going home in november AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!No more excuses this team is garbage we need to make changes and I mean make them now or were gonna have no fans.We need to start at the top of this organizatin and work down from their,if your job is not being done,than your gone.NOBODY IS SAFE.This is not a knock to you Bob Young,you've done great things here but we need a team that wins,this isnt fun anymore.I dont care how many fans we have in the stands the product on the field looks amuture.That includes your coaches.

the only reason hamilton won last week....was stegall and glenn were both out....its the TRUTH.

Dont foget about Ranek.

look, jenkins,ron jr, barressi and dice
get a good oc in here like chapdelaine and use maas and our talent properly.
tired of everyone slagging our qb's danny mac, now maas??


glen wasnt out at the start of the game
he was hit and taken out . The game before we didnt have Maas or Ranek .

and the fact a lot these guys knew HAD to play hard after being shutout just to save their jobs.
can you say..lack of character, a lot of them don't care and they proved that the last 2 home games.

"look, jenkins,ron jr, barressi and dice
get a good oc in here like chapdelaine and use maas and our talent properly.
tired of everyone slagging our qb's danny mac, now maas"??

I would agree with you 100% if Maas was completing his four to seven yard passes (in Paopaos offensive scheme). The problem is that he is missing wide open players with time to throw. He has gotten a bad case of happy feet and does not stop and get set before he throws. That's not Paopaos problem that is a Maas issue. Paopoas problem on the other hand is that his offense is to bland and does not present the defenses a challenge.

Maas WAS a good quarterback that is until he had his shoulder surgery. Now he's not even an average QB. Time to dump him and get a for-real talent. His display tonight was another example of his inept ability.

If Printers doesn't make it in the NFL the Cats had better make a big push AND SIGN HIM.

If the starters aren't getting the job done , put in the backups. Hitchcock and Morrealle are at the end of their careers but at least play with some passion. I saw a team that slowely lost confidence in their offense tonight. Ticats defense played great at the beginning of the game , continually giving the offense excellent field position . Yet we manage a meagre 1 point. Once again the Bud Stein officiating crew blew it big time. Last we it was the out of bounds fumble audio so it couldn't be challanged. This week it was a fumble/lateral that could not be reviewed. That was the TSN turning point as it would have given the Cats the ball deep in Argo territory and got the Offense rolling....

True but you can't blitz every play the offence adjusts as the Argos did and start capitalizing on it.

You know what I think Mr Maas had surgery this off season and he is still hurting and not 100% or is damaged goods thats why he can't throw the long ball.?