Is all I can say to describe Bo’s performance. Absolutely brutal, I understand he was missing Rogers but try and at least keep the defense off balance by running a QB draw or bootleg once in a blue moon. Imagine having the Luxury as a defensive coordinator in NOT having to plan for the QB running at all.
His passing game was atrocious. Which is why a run here and there couldn’t have hurt. That challenge by DD was laughable. Arbuckle should have seen some action when it was clear that BLM was having the worst game of his career.

…I understand your frustration, but asking a guy to do something he doesn’t normally do is asking for trouble in my opinion…better to have shaken things up in the 3rd quarter by inserting Arbuckle than to keep trying the same thing over and over again…

I see that Bo Levi Mitchell hails from just outside of Houston and attended Eastern Washington University. Has he ever played in colder weather? Can you remember any other games that he’s played in bitter biting cold? Do you think that perhaps he’s not as adept in the frigid cold as a CFL QB should be?


Could be, however any QB will tell you the cold doesn’t bother them. I beg to differ though, because something was very off with BLM. Then you have Streveller, running his ass off, probably staying warm in the process, not to mention being injured.

This should leave a bad taste in Bo’s mouth. I know you can’t win them all but geez, that was a train wreck. Now I will be cheering along side the wife for her Bombers. I’d love to see a Eskie/Bomber GC.

We sure could have used Arbuckle even to change up the defense a little, I blame this 100 % on Dickenson, BLM was having a terrible day, everyone could see that except him. Starting KJ was also a big mistake, in not having played for over a year he shouldn’t have even been a consideration.

Bo did have a rough outing, no question. He does seem to struggle a bit in cold weather