....This is undoubtedly the worst performance by a Bomber offence i have ever witnessed.... I thought the last game was but this one takes er...If that;s the best Kelly can do....i suggest he fire himself....Just bloody pathetic...

Before the season is totally gone ....start over....bring in a gaw-damn quarterback....get rid of LeFors and Randall...they are not CFL CALIBRE....keep Willliams as a back-up once we find someone who can play the position.

I've also said this a hundred times...get a friggin PUNT RETURNER...ARE YOU NUMB MIKE

I'm sorry guys ...this is a last place team....It makes me question every move Kelly has made now....Bring back Joe Smith...and Ramonce Taylor....if this is the ol Bomber pride teams, Kelly was talking about....b.s....They didn't resemble anything close to this mess...except for flashes on the d...

I don't want to see LeFors or Randall anywhere near this offence again....putrid...There's gonna be A LOT of empty seats at Canadinns if this keeps up....The Bombers don't even belong in the same league as the ALS.....Kelly SHOULD BE BLOODY WELL ASHAMED OF THIS TEAM he's fielded....Sorry to be so brutal...but the play of this offence is deserving every bit of it....HOW we ever beat the stamps is a mystery..... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: There better be some BIG changes next game /disgraceful :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I agree with most you said. I think on the quarterback situation, LeFors has to go. I don't want to see #17 on the field any more until another play is wearing that number. I hesitate on Randall because he hasn't had too many reps and he seems to have the physical tools. I said this somewhere else, maybe here, but I truly believe if Randall had the amount of reps LeFors has had, in TC, practice, and games, this offence would be alot futheur along.

Everything was bad on offence today though, the playcalling just stunk. 120 YARDS TOTAL OFFENCE! ^%#& (@#(* &^&@

Kudos to the defense tonight though. Never stopped playing and you got to respect that.

Well Pap you showed up. :thup: Asper will clean this mess up soon .... :wink:

The Kelly/LeFors lovefest over papa?

....not soon enough.........He can start by beating the bushes for a qb. even Printers looks good at this time... :cry: sorry i;m having a hard-time with this debacle..

You question EVERY move Kelly's made?

So then you DON'T like...
-Shabazz at LB?
-Heffney at DB?
-Bringing back Barrin Simpson?
-Donnie Smith at DT?
-Fred Perry at DE?
-Mike Renaud as a punter (who has a nasty streak in him, how many punters lay guys out!)
-Getting rid of Tom Canada who nobody has picked up?
-Getting rid of Derrick Armstrong who nobody has picked up?

Let's face it, MOST of the moves he's made have been pretty good. I don't want Taylor back, and I don't know if we NEED Joe Smith back, especially for the price tag. The big beef everyone has is with move. And you can't fault him with Gauthier or Picard leaving, cause they were both planning to go back East to be closer to home anyway.

And I don't really think Randall is the answer...maybe Richie Williams, he's got some good zip on the ball and he's the only QB who's been able to find Bryant and Edwards regularly.

I also LOVE the attitude Kelly's brought back to our defense, rough, aggressive, physical, and always looking for big plays. When is the last time the Bombers had 4 consecutive games with a forced interception? Kelly even said he built the defense first, sure he needs to do some tinkering on offense, but you CAN'T argue with the squad he's put together on defense!

So, I take it everyone was actually at the game tonight and saw how not one receiver was open past 15 yards ?

This is like taking candy from a baby for defences.

Without any threat of going over the top on them, it's like defending a high school team.

Gotta get a quarterback in here who can loosen up defences.

Its not how many good plays you make, its how many bad plays you make... And rush to judgement on Glenn is what killed him and the Bombers season in the end. People would overlook Lefors taking time to develop if they had a QB that can actually play.

...I'M QUESTIONING THIS OFFENCE ..bluengold.....i said the d has definitely shown flashes....bringing in the players you've mentioned was a positive....Kelly says he wants a solid defence...he's got the start of one...BUT for cripes have to have somehting resembling an offence ...not that crap we've witnessed so far..

Next week, if Richie Williams can do for 4 quarters what he did in the 4th quarter (plus having the advantage of NOT being behind), I think that game turns out differently. Kerry Joseph had trouble, a solid secondary against an inexperienced receiving corps, and as good as Robertson was, did he actually break 100? Get some 1st downs on the board and get this defense some rest and they'll be solid.

As Kelly pointed out, in the 80's it was all about defense, and all the offense did was not turn the ball over and give them field position and a couple points. Even if Williams just moves the chains, gets us field position, and puts 14 points on the board, the Bombers could do a lot of damage with Renaud and their defense!.

...Williams was down on the 4 yd. line and couldn't take it in...what the hell was that.....3 cracks and turn it over....sorry :thdn:

Bad play calling. Williams should have had his number called. He can scoot…

I wouldn't say Williams moved the chains.. maybe a little bit.. more than Randall and LeFors.. but as if that's saying anything. He only got the Bombers anywhere near the goal line because of a pass interference call that was almost as bad as the Bomber offense tonight was.

The fact that Williams was only marginally successful at moving the chains speaks to the total ineptitude of Kelly's offense as much as it does the struggles of LeFors. Point blank: NOBODY moved the offense successfully tonight. Not one of the three QBs showed anything beyond a spurt here or there. Williams did a bit better but Kelly's schemes are quite frankly moronic and it's clear now that his reputation as a creative offensive mind has been vastly exaggerated, if not misrepresented.

I said it before and I'll say it again: the man had been out of pro football for years before becoming Edmonton's QB coach last season. All of a sudden he's going to go from being a position coach on an average team to the head coach of a team in full rebuild mode? Based on what qualifications? The Bombers didn't canvas for candidates, they didn't hire the best man for the job. They hired their boy, and now they're paying for it.

Tonight was arguably the worst performance I've seen by a CFL offense in the past decade. Even the Renegades in their first expansion year with Crowley under center were more effective than this. When Chris Cuthbert compares your offensive performance to the old Montreal Concorde, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

You have to go back to US expansion to see an offense that inept.

Kelly seems to have no idea how to balance an offense. Either he's confusing the crap out of his QB with motion and gadget plays at the line, or he is running King Vanilla schemes and formations that any DC worth his salt can read and stop in his sleep.

I am not at all sure that I want to watch the Winnipeg-Toronto rematch next week. I don't think I can take another game like that.

Kelly didn't want Glenn. Kelly made fun of Taman. Somewhere tonight they are both laughing.

I think I'm giving up on figuring out some Bomber fans, just label us "Eternally Un-Satisified" lol. I mean everyone wanted to lynch Cartwright (and rightfully so) because his plays were too "vanilla". So we get a coach that brings in a more complex offense with a lot of motion and then people want it he goes simple, and that's wrong too! I'm really starting to worry that our endless slamming of guys like Lefors, Kelly, Bowman, Serna (in the past), etc. is going to end up hurting us when we try to hire Free Agents. I mean Sean Whyte said a few weeks ago he didn't want to ever play in Winnipeg because "I'd get death threats as soon as I missed one kick".

Anyway I really don't think the problem is with the scheme Kelly is running, it's Lefors who just couldn't seem to find Edwards or Bryant.

As for Williams, maybe he was "marginally" better, but you have to give him some slack. Out of the 3 QB's, he's had very few reps with the starting unit, so for him he was having to adjust and get into rythm with a group of guys he hasn't worked out with alot so far....and he did better than the guys who get most of the reps with that unit.

With the way our defense plays, with Fred Reid, with our kicking game and coverage teams, we don't even need a 350 yard guy. We just need somebody who won't throw picks, and who can move the chains and put a few points on the board and can capitalize on all the turnovers our defense is creating. I think Williams can be our guy if he can take care of the ball

Well how long did it take Taman to find us a secondary??? And he never really did it. Kelly found us guys like Heffney, and with the attitude he's brought to our defense, we have picks in 4 games in a row. Taman also never found us a punter, and now we have, not only a punter, but a guy who can LAY PEOPLE OUT!

If you want to hold all the offensive moves against Kelly, you gotta give him credit for all the defensive moves he's made.

....what offence would you be referring to.....didn't see one from the Bombers tonight... :oops: