pathetic useless fails again

with about 3 minutes left in the game, they havent updated play by play since some time in the 3rd qtr before williams came in.

:roll: :thdn:

"pathetic useless idiots at it again"

Now tell us how you really feel... :stuck_out_tongue:

i;d be banned for sure. :twisted:

These yahoos still havent updated. Probably dont even know the game has ended. Total incompetence.

It is possible there is a glitch in the system somwhere, and its not the first, nor the last time it will happen.

The same thing happened to the play by play on the other night during the colts game :frowning:


Looks like TorontoIsMyHome told us how he/she really feels... :lol:

FYB, were you not able to watch the game?

Sambo is correct...there was a glitch in the Database which caused the system to lock up...It has been corrected and the game has been entered into the system so stats can be displayed.

The CFL apologizes for any inconvenience.


I watched the game.

I wanted the stats.

I was going to make a post and I wanted the stats to back me up.

Its is not the first time it has happened, that is right, and what makes it so wrong.

I dont know about the colts game, but I have never noticed it happen in since they first started it. Probably has, but for the number of games they do and the amount of time they have been doing it, some time before CFL, they have a way better track record. Its always been good at the many times I used it.

CFLpm, if you are CFL or admin, then thank you for the comment and apology.

Yeah that play by play on the net is a little misleading. They may tell you every play but they sure don't update after every play. ruined my day because of a GLITCH!!!...well, ok then :slight_smile:

I do not know about you guys but my life is over when this occurs yep through my computer in the garbage after that. Oh what to do with out the play by play on the CFL.CA site. :roll:

I guess some need the play by play right after watching it on TV


A I was trying to use it during the 4th

b I was trying to check final game player stats

c based on some stupid comments, it appears noone should ever question anything, or be critical about anything, unless it is the end of the world. I will remember that when the same people complain about other things like refs, etc.

The bottom line is, those running the league and this site are incompetants and always have been. If that ok with most of the rest of you, then so be. I always beleive, do it right, or dont do it at all.

...25 years ago I drove a '72 had Lucas electronics (for those who know 'nuf said), duel carbs that needing tweaking every 100ks it seemed, and windsheild wipers that went on strike at the first sign of rain...was the funnest car I every had...analogy time over...

well smack my head a few times, cause I have no idea what your point is :oops:

The point is that sometimes you have to put up with some sh!t to have a fun ride.....

maybe, and beleive me, thats what we all have been doing with the CFL for decades. However, if the NFL can do this right, CFL should be able to as well. I think the point you say should not be used to accept, excuse and do nothing about incompetance.