Pathetic Is The Word - but Most BB'S Still Have Fight!!

It was nice while it lasted - 3 wins in a row - a Red Hot Bishop - But all good things must come to an end - I have to say that i am actually proud of most of this group of player's and even Kelly has me wondering!! I must be nuts when Kelly actually looks like he knows what he's doing, but most Bomber Player's are playing for him, not giving up, so we can't pin it all on Kelly anymore!!

No more excuses, 3 games left and it is truly crunch time, we all know that Bowman looks like a keeper, Ralph is coming along, Jovon Johnson is MOP Candidate (No Doubt About It) and Heffney should absolutely considered rookie of the year. Bottom line is we have a strong group of player's, but i have to question a couple of moves made by the coaching staff this week.

  1. When you have as many turnover's in a game as we had - we should have capatilized on those opportunities - this is what lost us the game.

  2. It was pretty obvious that Bishop was NOT ON HIS GAME, even in a close game like this one how can we expect to win when our QB overthrows our reciever's by 10-20 yards and lays it right in the hands of the BC Lions (13 for 32 1TD, 3 INTS) absolutely horrible number's, would it ave hurt after the econd INT (which was clearly Bishops worst throw) to pull Bishop AT LEAST for a FEW PLAYS to see what is going on on the field from the sidelines? Should have been pulled at least for a couple of series!!

  3. Lobedahn is a great player, but looked totally out of it this game, maybe we should have kept Simpson in for this one, Simpson at least was tackling last week (sorry JOLO, but you missed many important tackles this week).

Now it boils down to Kelly pulling the right moves as a coach at the right time with 3 games left, maybe Simpson should play against MTL, seems like JOLO is not 100% YET!! You have to pull your QB at some point with numbers like Bishop had to calm him down and see the plays from the sidelines, Bishop is a good QB and a professional and should know that being pulled is the BEST THING for THE TEAM at that point, even for one or two series.

It comes down to who wants it more with 3 games left, chances are there WILL be a crossover and the 3RD place team will MISS the playoffs in the east. Who wants it more Hamilton or Winnipeg? This is the CFL and ANYTHING can happen, we will see over the next month what team wants it more!! We cannot lay down a Big Egg like we did this weekend against the Lions, this was a game THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN OURS!! we had more than enough opportunities to put them away!!!

Makes for an interesting month of football!!

Interesting it shall be. 3 games left, blue have back to backs vs MTL. Can the blue split? MTL is playing solid football, does Calvillo get a week off? McPherson looked good in relief, can he keep it up vs the BB if he gets a start? Hopefully if he starts the BB can rattle him early and take advantage.

Hamilton gets Tor then Sask. With Joseph back in the saddle, Toronto showed some signs of life on offence, actually moving the ball, even though it was against what's turning out to be a weak Edm D, further weakend by injuries. And their D is playing great. Not necessarily a gimmy win anymore. And Sask will give Ham a handful. And can Glenn keep it up over the next couple of weeks? He'll need some help from his receivers who've had the dropsies.

I think this will probably come down to the last game of the regular season on the 8th at the stadium, winner takes it.

yeah.. but for who? the backup quarterback is one for eight in his CFL career and the third-stringer hasn't thrown a pass, I wouldn't be throwing them into a close game no matter how much Bishop sucks

Why Not? We traded for Santos for a reason, we'll have to get a look at him sometime, he couldn't have done any worse than Bishop, seriously!! If BC can throw in a raw rookie and have success, who knows until you try!!

Well Lobendahn is out for a couple of weeks for an injury and Simpsons in again,wonder if the injury slowed him down in the game.

What impressed me the most about not winning this game,is the BB really thought they should have won this game,and it was the worst defeat of the year for them.To me that says we believe in areselves and we can get it done.

We beat Ham the week before,and them Ham gave Mon a run for their money a week later,who knows what can happen in the next few weeks.And you know Tor wants to beat up on Ham just out of spite.

And as bad as ppl say the BB's have played this year,They only have 2 less wins then the top teams in the west. 8)

And Bowlerdude it's worse then what you think for are backups,are backups have one running play under their belt,Lefors is still injured :wink:

Lobendahn seems quite injury prone.

Unfortunately. it's starting to look that way...

Hey Kubie,one word,Allison-lol…was that you in the Sun comments with that woman who couldnt read correctly-haha