Pathetic Fans

I want to start by letting everyone know I am a TiCats fan so this is not a rant from a disgruntled away fan that can not take some verbal ribbing. This has to do with the so called TiCats fans that call themselves the "Box J Boys". One of them decided to assault my wife when she was coming back from the main level last weekend during the Riders vs TiCats game. There was no security to be found when this happened or when the officials tried to call security over to box J. When the officials finally came over to box J they did nothing. I am truly disgusted with the fans in Hamilton as not only did an assault occur in the stands but not a single person who saw did anything about it. Everyone involved should feel ashamed and embarrased but I am intersted to see if the guilty person is man enough to come foward.

Come sit in Section 27 next time. There are always empty seats, and most of the fans in that section don't seem to have much desire to cheer for their own team, let alone heckle or harass a fan of the visiting team.

8) Exactly what kind of assault are you talking about here, anyway ??
 I would have to believe that if it was a "physical assault", then the police and security would definitely have become 
 involved, and charges would have been laid !!