Pathetic crowed last night

Heard the crowed was only 31,000 that is pathetic for a game after laber day, i told you guy's that the canucks will effect the lions this year. i bet the calgary game they get about the same.

Don't belive what david brailey say's about attendace any more he is full of it.saying they were excpecting 35,000.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

*crowd, *labour, *believe, *attendance, *expecting

yeah, but i still enjoyed meself!!!

Unlike the Lions, dupsdell is a LOSER. Get a life. Negativity drags you down to "0".

Hey Dupsdell (what kind of name is that) anyway why don't you make good on your promise a few postings ago where you said you were leaving!!! By the way would not hurt if you invested in a dictionary!!! bad enough we have to read your posts, but the spelling???

This guy is really starting to just become a troll and nothing more , only here to annoy. As such should be dealt with as a troll .

Well after reading your post and never getting a response tells us that your no more then a troll.It sounds pretty stupid from you that the Canucks had any baring whatsoever with last nights attendance.
Hockey is number 1 sport in CANADA!!! WHAT a shocker.

Pathetic crowd for a pathetic team...Lions s.uck!

ok dupsie, lets say you are right. Lions attendance is pathetic and canucks are more popular. So what?

Dupsell is the Marty York of the West Coast........You can always tell when he is feeding you a line of BS...His lips Move!

Thought Dumpsell wasn't coming back to the forums.

Yea and you said 25,000. Attendance is going up, from people who stop listening to idiot Canadian NFL fans for the last 15 years, and realized that they're not americans, but canadian.

And for the guy who says the Lions are pathetic, you're pathetic.

Eye agrie whith Dupsdell. He iz a smhart guy.

yeah dont be negative dude it breeds negativity. I agree with what vanhalenman said too, Iam a SECURE Canadian not a insecure wannabee american . I also noticed lately that only 3 people I know that played football are nfl fans the rest of us its all CFL