Pathetic CFL Coverage on The Score's Website

Like most people I don't watch The Score. Because all they show is basketball. And who cares about basketball?

But I mean for CFL fans their website is a joke. While the other sports have indepth coverage and updated articles, all the CFL gets is a story on the Grey Cup game. Which was played what, 6 months ago!

I just don't understand who the Score thinks their viewing audience is. And their lack of respect for Canadian football and its millions of fans.

And this probably answers the question of why nobody watches The Score. Because the people running that network don't understand the market they're broadcasting to. I mean ignoring the CFL and pumping the NBA says it all.

heck, they show Wrestling.. so that should explain lots!

i dont think the fact that the score hosts wrestling says very much about them, other than they took advantage of an opportunity to draw viewers. The only reason they have wrestling, is because TSN passed up on WWE RAW (which was one of their most watched weekly shows BY FAR) .. and the only reason TSN passed up on wrestling, was to bring on NFLs Monday Night Football. (when ESPN purchased the broadcast rights)

The Score probably just recognizes that TSN does a far better job at covering the CFL, and basically owns CFL football broadcasting now - so why compete or promote a product that will never be seen on their channell? So it focus's its attention on other sports.


Also to that, the Score's main focus is to provide highlights of previous night's action at a time when its convenient for you to watch them. The website is geared to that as well.

i know tsn dropped WWF for NFL, but doesnt the WWF bring them higher ratings than the NFL?

obviously not. I sincerely doubt TSN chose the NFL over wrestling because it receives less viewership. I would assume advertising would increase as well.


I'm pretty sure Monday night Football would out draw wrestling. I would also think TSN could charge a higher advertising dollar as well.

Sportsmen you are wrong.
The WWE outdraws MNF on a regular basis.
As for the Score, yes the coverage is pathetic although they did have the last two years a weekly CFL show. Duane Forde the former player is great as the CFL expert.

Really? I didn't think many people bought into WWF (Stuntmen on Steroids).

Wow, thats a sad statistic!

The last TV numbers I saw had WWE averaging in excess of 400,000 viewers. While MNF is in the 300,000.

I knew that the WWE had eaten into MNF football numbers, but I didn't think it surpassed them. That's pretty impressive.

haha, the WWE is as much Steriod filled as the NFL. no difference there, atleast the WWE has alot less criminals or current Criminals. Question, how many shows on Television are actually real? the news and most pro sports? that is about it.
their telling a story like everyone else.

ya, of course WWE gets high ratings, since alot of people actually beleive alot of the stuff that happens which is funny. But MNF probably gets higher sponsorship/commercial $$, because some sponsors don't seem to realize the actual numbers the different shows draw.

How come there is no Sports channel/show that is Void of Boxing and Baseball. Golf too.

I don't want to see those three. I want football, hockey and minor amounts of basketball.

I don't think that's true anymore. Kids, maybe. But I love your comparison to the NFL steroid-wise.

My grandfather used to think that wrestling was real and hockey was fixed. :lol:

I get a kick when people say wrestling's fake. By that reasoning, I'm not going to go see Spider-Man 3 this weekend and neither should you. It's fake, you know...

any movie you watch is 'fake'....its all rehersed with pre-determied outcomes, yet everyone bashes WWF for being 'fake'.

atleast they do thier 'stunts' in one take infront of a live audience, and don't use doubles'.

wwf is supposed to be entertaining, nothing more ( altho the last few years hasn't been entertaining at all ). a combination of theatre, stunts and story/drama.

if your gonna say you dont like wresting, the reason should be because the action isnt good, or the stories are weak ( these are the reasons i dont watch )..not because its 'fake', cuz thats a double standard when compared to most things on tv or in movie theatres.

if you really didnt like things that are fake, you wouldnt watch movies or tv.

I watch MNF when its on, but I hate how it is now with the commentators it has now... I liked it 10x better on ABC

Exactly, Drummer + CFR.

It is incredibly boring often enough. outcomes are predictable.(to the same extent so are movies)
But Watching a guy fly 30 feet through a table still entertaining.

But like alot of movies, it gets boring. you know some things are going to happen, Movies don't often have really good twist endings that actually suprise you.

Atleast once in awhile the WWE does have the twist of the bad guy winning.
WWE writers could do much better, However to make it entertaining it must be riskier and to say these guys are chumps doing 300 shows a year... I don't know about that.

OR the Score

One of them should be PURE football/hockey. NOTHING ELSE!
I want alot of that info from a canadian perspective.

The Score has been the worst out of any network for showing CFL stuff ... sure they have "CFL Snap", which is admittedly better than Sportsnet or TSN, but the rest of their CFL coverage is absolute crap.

Anyway, if they're only going to promote stuff they show on their channel, why does baseball, the NHL, and the NFL get so much more coverage than the CFL?!? Even their GOLF page is better than their CFL page. Shameful ...

I remember trying to find CFL highlights on The Score one night. I watched for about an hour and a half straight. I saw highlights of the Blue Jays game 4 times. The most I saw of the CFL was the final score, on the ticker. Disgusting.

Likewise. I used to never miss it, regardless of match-up, now I seldom bother unless my team is playing.

Redskins. Redskins and Renegades. I sure know how to pick 'em. :roll:

I've actually given up on the WWE because I can't stand many of their performers and I hate the way they treat their wrestlers, but I hate the notion that everyone who watches wrestling must be a drooling idiot who doesn't understand that it's pre-determined.

Of course we know it. We just don't care. I'm a TNA fan and I could watch Petey Williams unleash the Canadian Destroyer every days of the week. It's just a cool looking move.