Pat Woodcock

I'm confident that if the game is on the line,( like the last drive against Sask.)you could send Pat Woodcock down the sideline,deep and throw the ball up.He will adjust to the ball and either catch it or draw a penalty.He caught a nice one for a 50 yard gain that set up what should have been the game winning field goal.In order to draw a penalty,you have to have some idea where the ball is and you have to want it.


Woodcock is under-utilized so far and I would love for him to get more touches. He's money in the bank.

Before the season I was not a Pat Woodcock fan. Three games in, and I can't get enough of him. He's been nothing short of fantastic when he is on the field. He's exactly the kind of veteran that is needed. He is the player that has surprised me the most. As for now, I am a Pat Woodcock fan.

Let me get this straight.

You can't get enough Woodcock?

Flag on the play (on words)

Woodcock is a very good addition. Although he only caught 2 , #5 looked open most of the game against the Riders.
I can't remember him dropping any, did he ?

Woodcock was senational fot the Als in their 2002 Grey Cup victory. He signed with Ottawa who underutilized him. I was dissapointed that the Als did not claim him in the Ottawa draft. He was with injury for two years with Edmonton. Your team was wise to pick him up-he can be a productive long ball threat as well as a short pass receiver. He took a short pass the length of the field in 02 for the Als Grey Cup win.

Woodcock is really into fitness with a good diet and a trainer to keep himself fit. I only wish he was still with the Als. He can be a big play guy!!!!

8) Pat Woodcock has turned out to be a great free agent signing !!! He has outstanding speed, but his quickness has really impressed me !!!
The main ingredient for a succesful team is experience and overall team speed !!!!!  You just can't beat those two factors !!!!

by labour day we could have 4 pretty good canadian recievers to use in bauman, woodcock,french and giguere(hoping).
if woodcock can stay away from the injury bug he'll be the reliable receiver he has been in this league.i'm still thinking bauman will be a star and he needs to play tons.

I have followed Woodcock pretty close since back in the Ottawa days, I have always thought very well of him, he brings almost a natural flow to the offence, seems to adapt to a play and is very good in clutch situations, I have seen him do a lot for the teams he has played for and was extremely excited to see him signed by the Cats, lets hope he is sticking around, and gets used a lot more.

Dito for me Dito for me