Pat Woodcock

It appears Pat Woodcock made the Ti Cats. I am not surprised. I had hoped that the Als would have been able to sign him. Woodcock was instrumental in the AlsCup Win win in 2002. He never stoodout when he played with Ottawa whom, I thought never used him appropriately. He was injured while in Edmonton. For some reason Wookcock was sensational with the Als but was not a standout with Ottawa. He had the speed, the ability to get open, could be counted for YAC yards and could go long. Perhaps if the Als chose him from the Ottawa draft he would be starring for them now?

A few years ago, this would have been an issue, but our current depth at receiver is so strong that I really don't think about Woodcock at all. The team needs help at O-line and D-line, not at receiver.

You must be wrong because if you are right than Popp should have been bringing in plenty of OL and DL for training camp. What he did was bring in a whole lot of receivers, so that must have been our weak spot. Again though, it is possible that you are right and he is totally incompetent.

Uh, what I meant was that our current depth at receiver -- after the receivers brought in during the offseason and training camp -- is strong. With Cahoon, Watkins, Stala, Deslauriers, Desriveaux, Green, Bratton, Armstead, Thurmon, and Richardson, there's really no need to be concerned about receiving talent. It's one area Popp has definitely addressed.

As for the O-line and D-line, well, I have serious doubts, but time will tell.

I'm with discipline on this one.

The depth in the receiving corps is the best it has been in a few seasons, and our QB depth is the best it's been in many seasons; Popp has done what he does best.

However, we are, justifiably I think, concerned about the O-line, the D-line, MLB, and safety.

We'll see how things shake down on Thursday and then perhaps we'll see a trade made or a recently released player being picked up to help us where we need help.

But we sure don't need help at receiver, so Woodcock wouldn't have been on my radar either.

Popp made a pitch to get Karikari back, but he turned it down and went to Calgary instead; darn I wish he'd accepted.........oh well, no point in crying over spilt milk.

The only place you can get an established Olinesman is via trade with another team. So you stack yourself at a position you perceive to be shallow with opponents and when the time comes you acquire that linesman via trade. This seems to be Popps strategy.

Example: Ticats have 3 centers. Hudson,Hage,Marcoux. So if they start their season and have problems at receiver position they may be interested to pony up a linesman for a quality receiver.

I think most teams are vulnerable at the receiver position. But right now every one has a perfect record...

I really wish they'd give up trying to field an all-Canadian O-line. Popp tried it last year and it was a disaster. By midseason, we were back to using imports on the line.

Olinesman tend to be the least injured and one or two guys can usually backup the entire unit. That's why it is done that way.

We have an American kicker...
Lapointe has retired
Boulay is gone at least for now.

Als can't field 7 NI right now withou a drop off. How are you going to fit in an import Olinesman in there? you going to play Emry at linebacker? Diedrick at RB?

Things will work themselves out...

I enjoy reading your posts HfxTC. You know football and the Als, and a lot of the time I agree with you. I feel a little different though on some of your points in this thread.
Yes, we have an American kicker, but he also punts. Its ok to have an American, as long as he does both. Winnipeg (is supposed to be the team to beat) has an American who only does one of the two kicking duties, and they have a Canadian do the other job. Winnipeg actually uses an import spot for a guy who only kicks (or punts, I forget which).

I will defend Duval for 2 reasons: he does both jobs, and physically, he is one of the best at both in pro football. But emotionally, he is not at the top. We have all seen how opponents try to get under his skin (Toronto and others...). They do this because they know they can GET to him. He is very emotional.

Let us remember his 2006 season when he excelled at both jobs; he can do it!

I saw him last year at the Als training camp. He was working out with MIlo, the Rouge et Or kicker. I saw Duval punt from his 40 (during practice) and lay down 10 or 11 consecutive punts on the opponents 2 and 3 yard line, 1 or 2 yards from the sideline! Every one of those punts hit the ground and bounced out of bounds! The perfect punt; distance and precision. He also hit several 65=75 yarders. Every time he punted the ball, a huge boom was heard (especially compared to Milo's little thump sound).

The guy is physically gifted. But, the Als need to hire a sports psychologist to train him to control his emotions!

As for Woodcock; a one year wonder.

Ah, if we hire a sports psychologist to get Duval to control his emotions, it would not be a bad idea for him/her to have a sit-down or two with Diamond Ferri and Chip Cox while he/she is at it.

Well there you have it! I agree. The Als should put a sports psychologist on the payroll full time (it would not count in the salary cap). The Als should find a good sports psychologist.

I am not sure Woodcock will last the year with the 'Cats. The last few years have not been kind the veteran. If the 'Cats stumble, he could be a Labour Day weekend salary cap casualty.

O'Billovich and Taaffe have said that they will go with a set of 4 receiver set of Americans and if a 5th receiver is needed, it will be a Canadian (Bauman, French or Woodcock).

So don't expect him to get tons of playing time.

That being said, if Woodcock shines in his limited playing time, he could climb the ladder and be one of the 4 receivers.

Lastchance. I'm a big fan of Duval's how could I not like a Louisiana guy with some Acadian fire in him somewhere.

I guess what I am saying is that as an organisation the Als made a choice to commit to an import kicker so that makes it very difficult to place an import at safety or at Tackle where the Als are very vulnerable... But you have to pick your poison.

Setta vs Duval is a sweet matchup :slight_smile:

As far as Woodcock he's a bucksixty receiver with average hands a history of concussions and puking on the field who can't play special teams. I read he had a good camp but you can't have tht guy in your regular rotation especially one that has two other bucksixty receivers.

Just bring down Okeke and Philion in the dressing room and sit the little .... down LOL :smiley:

Works for me !!

Pat Woodcock was one of Hamiltons best players in tonight's game. He he showed some speed, an ability to get down the field and his propensity to catch the ball. The last ball thrown to Woodcock, he had two defenders draped around him and almost made the completion. In tonight's game he reminded he of his success with the Als. I still believe if the Als would have taken Woodcock in the Ottawa draft he would have been the long receiver the Als had lacked in the past years.

After last night's game this is what you want to post about?

Yes he had "A" good game.

Somehow my post of last evening did not take. I was impressed by the play of Woodcock. He played like he was an Alouette. He was one of the bright spots for the TICats. He still has the ability to go long and catch the ball. On the one pass not made there were two TiCats over and around him yet he almost made the completion. I will stand by my beliefs that the Als made a mistake not taking him in the Ottawa draft. He could have been the long receiver that, prior to 08, the Als did not have to compliment Watkins. He is a gutsy fellow and I am pulling for him to continue in 08 his impressive beginning.