Pat Woodcock

Pat Woodcock was a superlative long receiver the two years he was with the Als. He caught some long passes in contributing to the last Grey Cup won by the Als. I perceived it as a great loss when he signed with Ottawa. In Ottawa he was not a standout. In the Ottawa draft I was hoping the Als would get him back but he was passed over by the club.
What happened to Pat Woodcock? I thought he must not have been used properly by Ottawa and was the victim of a poorly coached Ottawa team. Now Edmonton released him. Can anyone provide me with some insights on Woodcocks demise from an excellent long receiver to a player now not wanted by the CFL? This guy is relatively young. Any opinions?

I don't know what to tell you. Woodcock was amazing in 2002. He got about 800 yards and averaged close to 20 yards per catch. I remember him running for 68 yards against Ottawa; 68 yards on a single play! He caught a 20 yard pass along the sidelines, and he wiggled around the cornerback for a long gain.

He then caught a short pass from AC in the 2002 Grey Cup, and he ran the length of the field for a TD. These are beautiful moments for Als fans.
For Als fans, Woodcock will always be special (for his 99 yard TD pass in the 2002 Grey Cup).

I still get goosebumps when I see that play...

But, many forget that Pat came back to the Als in 2003, and was a non factor. He had too many drops. He then signed with Ottawa and he played poorly...

I do not know what happened to the guy. But, when he came back to MOntreal in 2003 (after the redskins of the NFL cut him) he was never the same. Maybe he is not willing to work so hard, if his career is in the CFL.

He is not the answer. Not in 2008. In 2002, well, we are not in 2002.

Cats Calling?

Eskimos grant receiver Pat Woodcock his release
and he is expected to resurface in Hamilton

by Jonathan Huntington Sun Media

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Esks grant Woodcock his wish

Unlucky receiver requested to be cut
so he could be closer to family

Vicki Hall , The Edmonton Journal
Published: Thursday, February 21, 2008

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This article describes Pat's two-year run of misfortune out West.

He is very disciplined with his fitness and nutrition.

He follows a tremendous training program so
he should be fit and raring to go this season.

He works as a personal trainer in the off season.

Oh my :roll:

I've always tried to defend Pat Woodcock. I really liked him when he was here in Montreal.

He was amazing in Montreal, then stunk in Ottawa. My thought was that he went from Montreal to Ottawa was the reason. He went from Calvillo to young Kerry Joseph. He was on a Receiving team with Copeland, Cahoon, Haskins etc, so he was left open.

But he went to Edmonton, with Ricky Ray and another fantastic group of Receivers. I don't know what to say about him, but I still like the guy, and wouldn't mind him returning to the bird nest.

He screwed Jim around for months telling him he wanted to stay in Montreal and the day FA opened he signed with Ottawa for the same money the Als had offered him. So in my books he's 30 years old and hasn't done anything that even sticks out in 5 seasons. He's definitely not coming to Montreal to take playing time from a guy like Deslauriers.

Again after Edmonton has put up paying him with next to no return for their money instead of wanting to make up for the two years he spent on the disabled list. He gets healthy and asks to be let out of his contract. Shows you what kind of character this guy has.

The situation is similar to that of Boerighter. Ticats might take a chance on him as long as they don't give him any bonus money. He can come in to camp and win a position if he can but I wouldn't give the guy one dime up front and would make the contract heavily geared towards games played or at least games available. I would prefer my two favourite teams pass on a guy like that.

Thanks for the excellent insights. In summing up, he appears as a talented receiver who brought himself down through his ego [not content, nor willing to realize he did not have the goods for the NFL] and the injuries. It will be interesting to follow him in Hamilton. He was a young man who had it all but went after the bird in the bush rather than the bird in the hand.

And is doing it again by asking to be released by Edmonton

I don't know anything about
Pat Woodcock's character

or the size of his ego

but...the Eskies didn't have to let him go.

Pat's leaving will save the Esks money
if they employ a younger Canadian receiver.

Perhaps, that's what they wanted.

I admit, I am speculating.


It seems he is going after that
darn 'bird in the bush' again.

He may, or may not, be picked up.

I think he might surface at training camp somewhere but I'm not sure he is going to show up anywhere with an 80k contract in his pocket.