Pat Woodcock signs with Ticats

All ambiguities aside. The truth is.....

drum roll....Pat Woodcock verbally committed
to signing a contract with the Cats yesterday.

Woodcock Fits The Bill For Cats

The addition of speedy slotback expected to
fill one of Hamilton's most glaring needs

March 04, 2008 Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator

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He has speed and talent.

I hope to see him play a big role
for the Tiger Cats this year.


I have much more faith in veteran receivers.

Most younger guys just don't get
separation from the defensive backs.

They seem to be be thinking too hard about
getting where they're supposed to get to,

not about using disciplined footwork
and their hands to get separation.

Dan Goldman, our receivers coach,
working damn hard every day last year

teaching the guys who passed through,
with little to show for it on the field.

I wonder if they signed his wife too?
She was a cheerleader for the Renegades when he played there.

again Not thrilled by signing a WR under 6 FT. I don't like Short WR. there are Tall guys out there with Speed that are 6'1 to 6'4

Why are we signing Short Guys

Woodcock is a CFL veteran.

Are the tall guys out there that
you speak of CFL vets, ONknight?

there are Tall guys out there with Speed that are 6'1 to 6'4

Charles Rogers Talman Gardner to Name 2.
Gardner was our best Big Play Guy last year.
Yes he was hurt a lot.
But he still has an upside.
Rogers has Talent and Could be Game Breaker up here
Plus I am sure there are Young Kids coming on of NCAA or Our Collage Ranks who could do just as good a Job.
I like Rashaun woods who have already

These are Examples of Talent there is out there.
I am sure they Ticats could find even better examples

Yes, but they are American and Woodcock is Canadian.

Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained; it never hurts to bring someone in for traininig camp..if they make it great, if they don't, nothing lost.

Charles Rogers is a bum who never lived up to his potential. He was a great player at Michigan St. but was all hype. He has a bad attitude and would not be a good fit in the locker room.

He didn't put forth any effort for milllions of doillars in the NFL, what makes you think he would do so for $100,000 in the CFL??

WR Jamie Stoddard,Would have been a Better pickup then Woodcock.
Taller 6 Ft to 5'9 Both are Same Age.

Charles Rogers? Are you kidding me? The Cats O-Line run faster 40 times then him.

Rogers has been working out in Arizona.
Trying to get his Speed back and Quickness.
The CFL or AAFL are only Chances he has left to play.

He wants to Regain Respectably

I won't argue that. I have always been impressed by Stoddard when I have seen him play; just have never understood why the Bombers don't utilize him more.

Didnt you know Woodcock would show up in Ham. :lol:

I like the signing. If nothing at all he adds depth. Which we needed. He has CFL experiance and hopefully he can mentor Bauman. He can play both SB and WR. Good signing and I'm sure he came cheap.

I so called it!!! right from the time edmonton cut him. hahaha.


oh, here's the thread i posted when he was released.(k, nevermind it's gon missing with the forum glich a while ago)

i am basking in my own awesomeness.

here's my question though;

why get rid of one canadian WR, then get a guy from FA that's older, and injury prone... i'm a little lost on this one.

oh well, our big O looks good this year, and there's some continuity wich is great!

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If nothing at all he adds depth
Depth, depth, depth... we have the most depth in the CFL. How about a few starters...

Woodcock and Ralph are basically the same type of player: proven, experienced Canadians with speed. The difference is Ralph is expensive and Woodcock is probably not.

I also like the signing because, after all his injury woes in Edmonton, Woodcock probably has a chip on his shoulder, and some unfinished business to tend to, in his mind.

I guess you don't remember all the TALL wide receivers we had last year, & NOT 1 of them panned out.
I would rather have a short receiver, with good routes, and great hands, rather than a TALL one with neither...
The Eagle - - - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Rather than asking the rest of us
to spin around chasing our tails

trying to answer your question

As a person who regards himself
so highly as a birddog, LB74,

shouldn't you have found the answer
and pointed your long scrawny tail

at the newspaper articles which explain
the non-football related circumstances

which were the reason for Brock Ralph's trade? :wink: :smiley:

Good signing. He'll be good competition in training camp. Hope the speedster makes it and stay injury free. He was great when he was with Montreal and his career is not over yet.