Pat Woodcock signs with Ticats

Don't know if anyone saw this or knew about it yet, but according to Ken Peters CatChat blog on the Spec website, the Cats have signed Pat Woodcock.

The guy's ran out of steam the past 3-4 years, but the experience and veteran leadership will help the team out.

Solid signing. B-

Decent vet added. Number arent too special but I am sure is a good locker room guy plus may be healthier if he has less reps.

Just what we need, ANOTHER "woody"... lol

Just joking woody, I know you've been following his career.

Woodcock might surprise. He was sensational in his two years with the Als. He was great in the 2002 Als Grey Cup win. I believe Pat was victimized by some poor offensive coaching when with Ottawa. In Edmonton he was injured, unable to play most of the time. As an Als fan I was disappointed the team did not select him in the Ottawa draft and, I was hoping he would return to Montreal.He could become the long receiver you need.

Where does it say he signed?
All I see is just Kenny's noodling.

If this IS true, it's a bit of a gamble. He has had a penchant for getting hurt. I would hope that he is fully fit and can contribute. On-field leadership is needed from him.

Right here

A decent signing or a sign of desperation?
There are a couple of ways to look at the Cats’ SIGNING of seven-year veteran CFL slotback Pat Woodcock.

Hey if nothing else he's worth a look. If he doesn't work out he won't make it through camp.

Good signing.

Is Kenny saying the deal is done or just a clumsily worded hypothetical?
If true:A low risk move for NI depth.
Don't understand why Kenny uses the word "desperation"
He'll have to show he has something left in camp.
If not, cut him.
No big deal.

Yeah...I dont understand the 'desperation' label for this signing either. No harm. If it works out yuo have a productive NI vet. If not you cut him. Even if he were to get hurt you'd probably have Bauman and French as NI's to take over.

good veteran that adds to our Canadian receiving core. Chris Bauman will develop into an excellent slot receiver, and Jason French is decent. He will add to it and provide veteran leadership.

I believe Ken was asking whether it would be a good move

IF the Tiger Cats were to sign Pat Woodcock, folks.

Read his blog again.

I have searched the internet and found
no report of a Pat Woodcock signing.

I like him,some of my friends dont but whatever you think he makes some awesome catches!

No misinterpretaion possible here.....Ken says he's signed.....

If he isn't, then that's Ken's problem to explain this:

[i]A decent signing or a sign of desperation?
There are a couple of ways to look at the Cats' signing of seven-year veteran CFL slotback Pat Woodcock.

Woodcock had a sensational 2002 season with Montreal catching 35 passes for 838 yards and five majors but hasn't been the same since. He has had his share of knee and hamstring injuries and has never been able to play a full season. He only played three games last season with the Eskies.

And turning 31 next month, how much does he have left?

But there is no question the Cats are in serious need of a Canadian receiver with experience. Woodcock has that and enough speed to play inside or outside.
Who knows, a change of scenery and the chance to catch passes from Casey Printers just might be the tonic for Woodcock to turn his career around.

I think all in all it's worth having him come to camp to see what he can do. But if he does stick the Cats better have a Canadian to replace him because this dude has "injury-prone" written all over him.

What do you think, thumbs up on Woodcock?


Notice CHML isnt trying to scool anyone after the whole Taaffe screw up?

So essentially, Edmonton gets Brock Ralph and we get Woodcock. While not actually a "trade", we did switch NI receivers.

I wonder which team got the better part of the (non)deal?


Ralph for Botterill, Thompson, Woodcock and a more experienced Bauman.

Im kinda being sarcastic as I dont think you can compare. In a team sport that involves so many players there are too many factors at play when building a team. i.e. what is better trading mass and receiving Piercy and then sign Printers?

You might lose strong players only to replace positions by younger players and at the same time filling positions of need.

"Hamilton GM Bob O'Billovich confirmed yesterday Woodcock, who will turn 31 next month, has agreed to a pact with the Tabbies for one year plus an option ."

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it made the print of the spec this morn, we need another vet canadian receiver after losing ralph.
woodcock has been banged up but can bring it if healthy.
an all right move if you ask me.