Pat Woodcock apparently to become a Ticat


He didn't play a lot in Edmonton, but I guess he was thought of as a good receiver earlier in his career.

Has any signed Jamie Stoddard yet either?

So Hamilton replaces one overrated Canadian receiver (Brock Ralph) with another. I hope he works out a bit better for you.

I like Pat, but he is injury prone and therefore high maintenance.

Outside of a good season with Montreal he's been a disappointment.

Yup. Just ask anyone in Ottawa. :smiley:

I'm still working on a photo shopped end to the 76 Grey Cup.
Gabriel drops the ball....Saskatchewan wins....

I'm not thrilled about the Woodcock signing. Not only is he injured a lot, but he's not that good when he does play.

What I like about this move is that we didn't give up anything for it. You know that if Desjardins were still running the show, we'd have traded Baumann and probably Moreno and our first-round pick for Woodcock, whom we'll probably cut in training camp, and a sixth-round pick in 2040. This way, if he doesn't make the team, at least it didn't cost us anything.

It will also be hailed as a great pickup if he manages to turn things around ala Kamau Peterson last year with the Eskimos.

Do I think it's a great signing? Not really, but there's little risk involved like you said.

Well, that was the non-news story of the day.

Join us next week when the BC Lions release a non-import running back.

Ya know, Artie, if you're not interested, nobody's forcing you to reply.

If he stays healthy, Woodcook might surprise. He was a sensation with Montreal- he was a big factor in the Als Grey Cup[ 2002]. I don't believe Ottawa used Woodcock properly. He was not thrown to much. In addition, I believe Ottawa did not have the best coaching.Injuries were his downfall in Edmonton. This is a no lose signing and, I wish Montreal had picked up.

Other than Mrs. Woodcock, I can't imagine a single soul who would be interested in the signing of a short, oft-injured, Canadian receiver plagued off-and-on with the dropsies.

BigDave's on a roll today. :lol:

Remember Artie, good receivers in football are hard to come by and then when you add the fact that in the CFL, you are looking at a non-import factor as well as getting guys from the States up here who haven't made it in their dream NFL. Play GM for a bit and then you'll see why it's tough to find real excellent quality players. One reason why I'm a little resistant to say the CFL being a league of any more than 12 teams max in the future.

You're right. But good receivers....GOOD! Woodcock is not a good receiver. To me the only reason they got him is that if Bauman has to come out they have to replace him with a Canadian for quota purposes, and they traded Getzlaff to SK last year, and Ralph to Edmonton this year. I don't know if Jason French is still there or not.

I don't disagree on the need for good receivers, or quality Canadian talent. I just don't think Woodcock fits either description, and, to me, the news of his signing was about as interesting as someone telling me the time. It will not say much about Hamilton's receivers if he makes that club.

Anyone catch Mr. Woodcock? Not funny, don't bother.


The thing is, with Kamau, when he was in Winnipeg, they only threw to him 2 or 3 times a game, and so he'd drop one and right away, he was crap.

But in Edmonton, Ray just keeps throwing to him, 10, 15 times a game. So he still drops one or two, but makes up for it with volume.

Woodcock is going to need the same thing if he wants to resurrect his career. And since he cost nothing, why not give him a shot.