Pat White to CFL?

Pat White, the ultra successful "wildcat" quarterback at West Virginia University and former Miami Dolphin, has given up on his flirtation with playing professional baseball. I think his skills are ideally suited for the wide-open CFL. Anybody else think he is headed our way?

He seems to have skills that given the right situation and coaching could lead to a successful career here. Not surprising he gave up on baseball. Minor league ball is not an easy life and unlike other guys in the minors he has a skillset to play a different sport. I would imagine though that he looks to find a job in the NFL first though, even if its just holding a clipboard. Clipboard holders aka 3rd string QB make pretty decent money in the NFL. I would guess that one of the CFL teams already has him on their protected list. I seem to recall that it was Montreal? Regardless, if he decides to come north, whether its in Montreal or another team I'm sure there will be interest in him.

  1. Pat White will never play in the NFL again
  2. Pat White will never play pro baseball again
  3. Pat White is athletic, but his experience in Miami shows he cannot throw the football at the pro level.

No CFL for Pat White I say.

White was apparently on the Bombers neg list at one time but I don't know if he still is or not.

I'm not sure if you can say that yet, he was never really given much of a chance in Miami. He was an elite Quarterback at a big school and was 4-0 in bowl games.

I'd like to see him a CFL camp.

Agreed. I think quarterback more so than any other position is most likely to get multiple opportunities. For some it comes down to the right situation at the right time for them to flourish. Some are just gifted, some are just bad, some coaches think they can coach up a guy to be successful. Look at Ryan Leaf. He was just plain bad in San Diego and had a horrid personality to boot. After they cut him loose, Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Seattle all tried to salvage him. One short and unspectacular stint in Miami probably won't end Pat White.

When White came out of College he looked like a CFL type QB and I believe Miami surprised the Football world by drafting him. Maybe thinking they could use him as a WR or in a wildcat situation.
I wonder if he has the arm to play in the CFL where as sideline pass is generally forty yards or more. Not many lefties have ever been that great in either league except Stabler and Zorn.
But I wouldn't mind seeing him get a chance, you never know for sure until you see a player in game conditions. The guy was a great option player.

He was absolutely a legend in college when you examine his stats and wins. I was on record in thinking he was a steal by Miami too.

However, the reason Pat White did not "get a chance" in Miami is because he did not earn it! The reviews on him as a passer on the practise field were awful mind you. Why would any coach in his right mind put a crappy practise player into a game in the wrong position if at all? I doubt very much Pat White has the arm for CFL sidelines as well. Furthermore, it is not as if any other NFL team stepped out to scoop him up from free agency, as the word was well out on the street about his lack of passing ability at the pro level.

As far as good or great lefties, you forget HOFer Steve Young, Michael Vick, Boomer Esaison, and Mark Brunell:

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You are correct there are sure not many of them, and the only absolutely great one ever was Steve Young.

Hopefully White still has some of the $2.4 million left from what he earned in Miami. He'd probably have to start off on a practice squad in the CFL (salary $600 per week) as I doubt any team would sign him as a 3rd-stringer ($50,000 for 18 games) over their current prospects.

Edmoton needs a third stringer...

So do you in Calgary, and if you think Pat White is so great please do take him. Nice try there, but at least you guys did not fall for the sucker punch recommendation of Chris Leak. :lol:

Our third stringer is Darryl clarke. Bit chris leak would look good in the green and gold... Lots of
choices for you Paola!

We have a third stringer. Matt somethingorother.

The Winnipeg Free Press is indicating that Pat White is still on the Bombers neg list.

Yes he is and it's part of the reason the Jyles trade rumor has lit up again.

...This kid White is definitely an athlete for sure BUT he has no CFL experience....IF we bring him in it'll be awhile before he sees the field...Then again he could be a quick learner and surprise everyone...He sure has the ability...First thing though, we have to sign him :wink:

It would be great for any other team to take either Pat White or Chris Leak as backups, so for all those who want them and think they are so great go for it!

And again no you cannot have Ray or even Z even though I am pessimistic on the latter, so you all just keep promoting those two bums as quarterbacks all you want so long as they are going to be on your teams! :lol:

If he comes to the CFL, looks like it won't be with the Bombers, but maybe joining Jyles in TO?

WHITE OFF BLUE RADAR: The Bombers have removed former West Virginia star Pat White from their neg list, according to a CFL executive. White, drafted by the Miami Dolphins but released in 2009, had turned his attention to baseball but stepped away from an opportunity with the Kansas City Royals last month. Winnipeg opted to move on as there were questions about whether White was going to continue with his football career and because they have some other QB prospects they find interesting, particularly with those free agents that don't get drafted in the NFL later month likely to look north for opportunities.

That said, because White had such a spectacular career with the Mountaineers, word has it the minute the Bombers removed him from their neg list the Toronto Argonauts immediately added him to their list of prospects

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Pat White on Argo's Negotiation list.

Bill Parcels today stated that the reason he drafted Pat White second in the NFL draft was due to his great success in the NCAA with West Vg. Mountaineers. Parcels noted that White was in reality not a prototype NFL QB and, not at all suited for the NFL.
In his year at Miami he completed no passes and, ran for 88 yds. yahoo sports.